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27-07-2010, 14:07
I've been doing a little research on the K'nib, being one of the species possibly created by the Old Ones as warriors, and keep running into referrences of the Clawed Fiend. I've looked at online sources such as Lexicanum and on this forum. I've found that the K'nib are 10 armed and from the same system as the clawed fiend. Some sources say that the clawed fiends are their troops and some say they are one and the same (though this iss where the 3rd ed picture and Xenology disagree).

I'm trying to piece together something for them so I'd like to get more info if any one has it. Also I'm looking for info on the Rashan, which I've found very little of.

27-07-2010, 17:26
Also I'm looking for info on the Rashan, which I've found very little of.

They have literally no more than a throw-away line in the Codex: Necrons, to my knowledge.

The K'nib and the Clawed Fiends get a mention in the 3rd edition 40K rulebook, one in the Index Astartes: Deathwatch and a snippet in Xenology. There really isn't much to them (K'nib) other than the Clawed Fiends serve them in some manner, they have ten limbs and have an "Alcayde".

27-07-2010, 17:34
Could be a relative of the Claw Shrimp!


27-07-2010, 18:08
The mention of ten limbs is weird, because all other Old One-spawned races are humanoidal, making it seem like it was their preferred form. Nothing more on them, sadly.

27-07-2010, 22:43
Damn, I was hoping that there was a bit more info given in Xenology or one of the BL books. I want more info for a project I've been working on.