View Full Version : Look out sir rule

27-07-2010, 15:39
Had an interesting question from a couple of battles with the look out sir, and could no find an answer in the recent faq's.

1) Shooting at a character who is within 3" of a unit in combat. The rulebook does not differentiate between units in combat and not in combat to give a look out sir. Am I missing something.

2) The unit is behind a building and cannot be targeted as it can't be seen and cannot see the unit shooting, but the character is outside of the unit and can be seen. Can the character still benefit from the look out sir rule if you cannot target the unit which is giving the character the look out sir benefits.

27-07-2010, 15:59
1) It does not distinguish
2) Yes, he gets Loko Out, Sir!, and hits will be transferred as described in that rule.