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27-07-2010, 19:16
Hey been thinking about getting back into Warhammer Fantasy with the arrival of 8th ed. Be getting a new army from scratch.

Vampire Lord. Lvl 3. Red Fury, Infinate Hatred. Ogre Blade, Crown of the Damned, Flayed Haubrek. 430
(New standard combat lord, to go in Grave Guard)

Vampire. Infinate Hatred, Avatar of Death (shield). Sword of Strife, Dragonhelm. 195
(Rank and file killer, not sure where to put this guy but could make Grave Guard into a deathstar unit)

Vampire. Master of the Black Arts. Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt. 195
(Invocation caster Vamp, support with Helm in Ghouls)

Wight King. Gw, Battle Standard. Banner of the Barrows. 155
(In Grave Guard)

Necromancer. Dispel Scroll. 80
(in either Skeletons or Ghouls with support Vamp)

40 Zombies. Musician, Standard. 172

Corpse Cart. Balefire. 100
(Zombies and Cart nearby to look scary in numbers and hopefully draw fire. If lucky might kill something if ASF gets off)

20 Skeletons. Spears, Full Command. 205
(With one of the new missions involving standards need them even if they perform badly)

20 Skeletons. Full Command. 180
(See how spears do vs hand weapons +shields)

20 Ghouls. Ghast. 168
(Tougher bunker for support Vamp)

10 Dire Wolves. 80
(Tag team with Vargulf or missile fodder)

25 Grave Guard. Gw, Full Command. Banner of Hellfire. 365
(Flaming attacks help vs Hydras, Trolls, etc. Thinking of 3 ranks of 7 to up attack output)

Vargulf. 175

Totals: Lords 430, Heroes 625, Core 905, Special 365, Rare 175

Any ideas how I can improve this? Not sure if Corpse Cart mount for Necromancer comes from Hero or Core allowance.
Prob going to expand to 3000 with a second caster Vamp Lord and bulk out the Grave Guard.

28-07-2010, 13:36
Just a simple point but swap the banner of hellfire with the banner of the barrows. my theory being, the battle standard bearer then can join different units (if needed to make it effective.) if he has banner of the barrows, hell need to allways be in the wight unit for it to be effective. With the Banner of the barrows permeanantly in the unit, it also means it cant be targeted idividually.

28-07-2010, 20:10
Has anyone tired running more then 2 or 3 vamps. I think a lot is to be gained by running multiple vamps with basic summoning for more chances at ion and more chance to channel dice