View Full Version : Please rate my 2K ogre armylist

02-03-2006, 07:39
Heres my List could you please rate it or give any suggestion?
THx in future for those who write in here.May the Great Maw be with you:)

Ogretyrant:2 Swordgnoblars,heavy Armor,Big Name:Giant Breaker,with wyrdstone and a tenderiser
Total: 311

Butcher: 2 Dispel Rolls

1 Hunter: And two Sabretusks

Core Units:
6 Ogrebulls:Standard Bearer,musician,champion
with light armor all get ironfists

3 Ogrebulls:with 1 handweapon

3 Ogrebulls:with 1 handweapon

4 Ironguts:,champion,musician,standardbearer

2 units of 20 Gnoblars: (+80)

8 Trappers: with champion

Special Units:
2 Units of 2 Leadbelchers: +(220)

Rare Units:
2 Maneaters:both get heavy Armor,both get weapons not sure which
Total: 180

Slavegiant: 175

02-03-2006, 09:10
Nice, maybe give the hunter a few nice magic items (like gut maw, grey back pelt or greedy fist). Lose the gaint breaker skill. The tyrant has a great weapon, so S 7. Maybe more leadbelchers or a scraplauncher or Gorger for surprise effects.

02-03-2006, 09:41
I have already have gone over my 2000 points so I cant give my Hunter any magic items.:(
What would u give the tyrant in exchange for the giantbreaker great name?

But thx for the advice:)

02-03-2006, 13:47
Well you could drop the light armour on the big unit of bulls. The 6+ save will not get used vs shooting and you will be using the extra attack in hth from the iron fist. And will the 2 characters be with that unit?
The Great Skull could be a good investment on the Tyrant, will keep magic missiles away from the big unit. Of course it just means that the smaller units will get mauled by them. It also ups his save a point, which could come in handy.
Maybe get some points for a 2nd unit of trappers. If you are taking a hunter already I think they are too good to pass up. Nothing wrecks you like skimishers and fast cav and they can help keep the pressure off.

02-03-2006, 13:55
Maybe losse some Bulls. One unit of six and one of 4 (with a belower) Don't give the big lad anything more. If he is challenged i think he can take it. 5x S7 hits d3wounds, ouch! No character wants to face him if the know it. Maybe dwarfs are a chaos lord is that crazy. The hunter needs more protection.

03-03-2006, 20:47
Looks pretty good, though I would boot a Bull out of the unit of 6 if you plan on putting the Butcher there.

For the Tyrant, I am not too impressed with the Tenderizer. Its helpful against monsters and characters, but even then its not really neccisary with 5 attacks. I haev grown accustomed to using Giant Breaker and an Ironfist. Add in a magic armor piece, I usually go for the Greatskull or Bullgut, depending on what I want to run the Tyrant with, for some extra protection. You can either have a 2+ AS and 5 attacks, or a 4+ and 6 attacks, all at S6 w/o striking last.
I've given up on the Wyrdstone shard as well. With T5, he is usually safe from most things that would hurt him, and he's got 5 wounds to soak up the damage.

Looks good.