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28-07-2010, 11:30
(please note, if i post this in wrong location i apologise)

Hi, i am new to the fantasy, though have played 40k and lord of the rings.
i am starting a lizardman army, mainly going to fight my friends empire armie.
i just want to know what you think of the start of my army
(please know, i know very little to none of the warhammer fantasy rules)

what i am going to buy first.

Slann or carnosaurus (lord, or general or whatever i need to lead army)

Battillion (saurus, temple guard, cold ones and skink skirmishers)

+1 saurus core

please give advice


28-07-2010, 13:04
I would definately take a SLann, given the right gear and powers they will dominate the magic phase. Overall, it sounds like you are going about buying the right stuff, apart from the cold ones, I just dont think they will cut it in 8th ed.

28-07-2010, 14:28
The cold ones are pretty naff however you can use the models to make some reasonable saurus scar-vets/oldbloods for if you fancy switching things up or are playing smaller points games.

I think you will also want another box of temple guard to get a big unit of 20, possibly a salamander or 2 and some chameleon skinks for kicks.

28-07-2010, 14:38
Slann or carnosaurus (lord, or general or whatever i need to lead army)
They both make good generals, and good lists can be built around either one. It just depends on what way you want you list to go. If you want to go magic heavy, obviosuly pick the Slann, if you want a combat monster, go with the Carnosaur.

Battillion (saurus, temple guard, cold ones and skink skirmishers)
The Battalion boxes are generally good deals, if you are using everything that comes with them. The Saurus and Skinks are always useful, but the other two are somewhat more problematic. If you are bringing a Slann to the table, the Temple Guard are a good choice, but if you decide to go with a Carnosaur, they become less useful as w/o the Slann they can't make use of some of their special abilities. The Cold Ones have always been a somewhat iffy choice, and the current consensus seems to be that they are even more marginal under the new 8e rules.

+1 saurus core
In the past, I have always tried for a solid core of 2 units of 20-25 Saurus, and I have not seen any reason to change in 8e. In the past Spears were the way to go, while in 8e it seems to be more of a toss up between Spears or Sheild & Handweapons. Salamanders are also held to be verry effective and a great buy under the current rules. Beyond that, Skirmishing Skinks took a hit as close combat troops, but seem to be a bit better as missile troops, so a couple units of those are not a bad idea.

29-07-2010, 05:02
cheers for the advice

what i am goig to buy=


battillion (may or may not use coldones, but they still look cool


first addition =

Salamander pack

good start to the army?