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28-07-2010, 14:15
Heres one of my first HE lists for High elves:

Archmage lvl 4 345pts Annulian Crystal, Folariath's Robe

Mage lvl 115pts Jewel of the Dusk

Korhil 140pts

Noble 168pts Great Weapon, Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

Lothern Sea Guard x25 360pts FC, Shields, Banner of Eternal Flame - Mage and BSB here.

Spearmen x20 205pts FC

Phoenix Guard x16, 320pts FC, Banner of Sorcery - Archmage and Korhil here

Dragon Princes x6, 245 pts FC, 1 Banner of Ellyrion

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100 pts (would prefer eagles but don't have the models)


Probably going life with lvl 4 and Beast with lvl 1 and just throwing the beast signature spell out every turn for the +1S +1T, got an extra D3+1 PD and the annulian crystal as well so hoping to dominate the magic phase. A small amount of shooting but will hopefully be mobile enough to keep the fight on my terms.

Von Wibble
28-07-2010, 15:44
Too much points on characters imo (I would spend that amount in games of about 2500). I would drop Korhil from the list - its not like you have any white lions anywhere.

I would also drop the champion and musician from the DPs.

Finally I would drop the RBT. This gives me 270 points - conveniently the exact cost of a unit of 16 white lions with full command.

A final switch would be to possibly trim down the DPs further and use the points to beef the spearmen up to at least 24 strong.

28-07-2010, 17:13
Korhil goes in the phoenix gaurd to make them stubborn and to protect the mage from challenges.

Would be going with White lions, but unfortunately don't have many atm.

I am umming and ahhing about the RBT, will give one a chance before throwing it.