View Full Version : 2K WoC list for casual tournament

28-07-2010, 19:31
Hello Warseer :) My local store are having a continous 'casual tourney' in which there is a 'belt' which is held by a contender, when that contender is beaten the person who beat him/her claims the belt and so forth so forth, at the end of summer the person who had the belt the longest gains a prize of some sort ( battleforce i think :confused: ) Usual opponents will be beastmen, wood elves, vampires, high elves and warriors of chaos. The idea behind this list is to have one big bunker unit and one big smashy unit.

- Vilitch the curseling

- Festus the leechlord

- Exalted hero
+ Khorne
+ Jugger
+ Axe of Khorne
+ Favour of the Gods

- 38 Warriors ( vilitch and festus here ) 10*4
+ Additional hand weapons
+ Khorne
+ Shields
+ Rapturous standard

- 9 Chaos Knights
+ Khorne
+ Banner
+ Blasted Standard

- 5 hounds

So vilitch I hope will provide enough magical offense and defence for me to be satisfied enough with my magic phases ( pandeamonium :D ). Festus will give regen to my bunker unit while giving them poisoned attacks as well, he can also snipe any annoying characters with buboes. The knights simply go around smacking everything and the exalted will go character hunting ( he will be joined by the knights )
The warriors get 51 posioned attacks which is very useful against most of my opponents as they wear little armour :) The warriors I hope can take most things in combat and with the raptorous standard shouldn't be running any time soon.

So whaddya think? C+C always welcome :)

30-07-2010, 23:17
change your Warriors to have the banner of always frenzy.

I don't see a two unit list being very effective at ever winning.