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28-07-2010, 20:33
Tyrant 245
-Siege Breaker

Slaughtermaster 225
-Halfling Cookbook

Bruiser 155

16 Ironguts 818

8 Bulls 330

3 Leadbelchers 185

Need to spend 42 points Ideas?

20 Gnoblars with Groinbiter?

29-07-2010, 02:32
Tyrant (1#, 251 pts)
1 Tyrant @ 251 pts
1 Siegebreaker
1 Talisman of Protection

Bruiser (1#, 155 pts)
1 Bruiser (Battle Standard Bearer) @ 155 pts

Butcher (1#, 155 pts)
1 Butcher @ 155 pts
1 Halfling Cookbook

Ironguts (16#, 818 pts)
15 Ironguts @ 818 pts (FC)
1 Gutlord

Bulls (8#, 330 pts)
7 Bulls @ 330 pts (FC)
1 Crusher

Leadbelchers (4#, 240 pts)
3 Leadbelchers @ 240 pts
1 Thunderfist

Gnoblar Fighters (20#, 42 pts)
19 Gnoblar Fighters @ 42 pts
1 Groinbiter

Updated list

29-07-2010, 08:12
Get rid of the oger unit champions, yes it does seem nice to have extra attacks but spend the extra points on making the tyrant harder to kill, or giving the bruiser more options and gettign their points back in units killed; giving the tyrant the greyback pelt, heavy armour, and/ or the gutmaw giving him incredible surviability and the possible ability to gain wounds back through challenges. On teh BSB possibly take a magic banner from the big fancy rule book, all of the ones in the ogre book are horrible with the possible exception of the runemaw.

The next thing is to get rid of the talisman of protection, for 5 more points get the wyrdstone necklace and get a point of ward save, the chance to wound the tyrant is small and it can help him in the long run.

Another possible step could be to split the Ironguts into two eight man teams to get teh full worht of their attacks, 6 man wide to get same amount of attacks is hard to move and open to alot of charges. Also drop any and all standards in an ogre army, we die fast or not at all and as such we do not need to give away any possible vitory points due to starard loss. (also opens up alot more points to paly with)

The bulls, other than drop the standard, not much to say. You could go with Iron fists to either give the extra attack or keep back for a 6+ ward save and get an Armour piercing attack. this is up to you.

The leadbelchers are hit an miss at best. They will eitehr wipe the floor with something, I had a four man unit pump out 29 S4 Ap shoots or blow themslves up and only send out 8 shots. might be better to take them out and put in a scraplauncher and spend the points on the tyrant, bulls or more gnoblars.

Lastly, any remaning should be spent on a huge, or two, blocks of gnoblars with 30-to 35 each to capitalize on new horde rules and shooting in ranks, also don't put in the groin biter its is a give me challenge that will result in the loss of two attacks or some over kill CR.

However, if you want to find out more or get other ogre opnions go to the ogre stronghold, those guys over there are great at anything ogre related.