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28-07-2010, 19:48
The main idea is to build an army with two Warriors of Chaos bataillon. I'm not quite sure about my character's equipement.

Mark of Nurgle everywhere.

Sorcerer lord of Chaos, level 4 - 429
Chaos steed
Conjoined Homunculus
Armour of destiny
Necrotic phylactery
Infernal puppet

Exalted Hero, BSB - 230
Stream of corruption
Helm of many eyes
Glaive of putrefaction

Chaos sorcerer, level 2 170
Third eye of Tzeench
Dispel scroll
No mark, lore of death

20 marauders, flail, light armour, full command 170
20 marauders, flail, light armour, full command - 170
15 marauders horsemen, shield, spear, javelins, full command - 290
20 Chaos warriors, halberd, full command, Banner of wrath - 425
20 chaos war hounds, poisoned attacks (no mark) - 180 (or maybe 2x10)
5 Chaos Knights, full command, Blasted standard - 400
6 Trolls (no mark) 270
Chaos war shrine - 160
Hellcanon (no mark) - 205

2999 points

Main idea is to have a strong center with Chaos warrios and numbers with marauder (for now i'm not convinced to play them in hordes but why not). Marauder horsemen are there to harass warmachines, isolated character, and lately can flank big unit. Chaos knight would do the same job without the shooting abilities.
Troll are there to take care of cavalery or big monster.

Of course, this is pure theory as I've never played Warriors of Chaos for now. Do you think this could be ok to play ? Some improvement ?
My two main points are : Full Nurgle cause I lkie so much this god, two bataillon are my main base.

29-07-2010, 06:47
Split the trolls into 2x3 and the dogs into 4x5. Absolutely no reason to use big blocks of dogs because they get no rank bonus and IIRC they don't even get outnumber now (could be wrong, don't own 8th ed book yet, I'm a slacker).

Beyond that, do you realize you're paying 80 points a piece for your knight unit?

29-07-2010, 13:38
I don't understand why splitting trolls, could you explain me ?
By the way I see nothing that prevent warhounds to have rank bonus (and more interesting disrupt units).

29-07-2010, 20:00
Your knights should only cost 320 points.

Yes, a unit of 20 warhounds could disrupt ranks but the unit is quite big and hard to manoeuver and very easy to kill.


29-07-2010, 20:18
I'd strongly consider dropping the poisoned attacks on the hounds and using the points to bump the Marauder blocks up to 25+ each. They really need the added CR to win fights on their own, because drawn out combats don't suit them. I'd probably drop the light armor as well, the 40 points for 6+ saves simply isn't worth it.

Consider the Collar of Khorne for the L2 as well, not so much for the ward save but to give MR(2) to one of your big blocks of troops. I'd also consider taking Festus, he's not as good in combat but he has some nice unit buffs like poison and Regen (5+). A boatload of attacks at high strength with poison is quite nifty.

BTW do you mean the magic missile banner or the Banner of Rage on the warriors? Haven't seen anyone use that before, and especially in 8th with bound items requiring power dice to cast.

30-07-2010, 23:10
since you are buffing the Horsemen give them flails and throwing axes which are better in every way then what you gave them.

31-07-2010, 02:37
I was thinking about flail indeed, but I prefer javelins for a better range than throwing axes.
If was rich enough to consider buying 15 more horsemen (and so play them) I would certainly give theme these axes.