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28-07-2010, 22:26
2500 point Raiding Force

Army selection restrictions:
No Dreadlords below 3000 points and thereafter 1 per 3000 points.
No Supreme Sorceresses ever!
All Masters must wear a Sea Dragon Cloak
No more than 1 Hag per Lord
No more than 1 Sorceress per 2000 points
No more than 1 Assassin per Dreadlord
No more than 1 unit of Harpies per 3000 points
No more than 1 unit of Exectioners per Hag
No more than 1 unit of Witch Elves per Hag
No more than 1 unit of Cold One Knights per Dreadlord
No more than 1 unit of Black Guard per Dreadlord
No more than 1 chariot per 1000 points, including chariots driven by characters.
No War Hydras :p

It's restrictive but it's how I build every list: starting with a theme and then dropping or restricting units that don't sit well with that theme.

Anyhoo! The list:

Hero choices (602 points)

Master + Hvy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dark Steed, Sword of Might, Black Dragon Egg. (147) accompanies unit of 13 Dark Riders)

Master + SDC, Whip of Agony, Armour of Darkness (134) accompanies Corsairs w/Sea Serpent Std

Master + Great Weapon, SDC, Shield, Potion of Foolhardiness,Armour of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem* (137) accompanies Corsairs w/Banner of Swiftness
*The new combination everyone is going to be complaining about :p

Sorceress + L2, Staff of Sorcery, Opal Amulet (185)

Core (1022 points)

12 Dark Riders + Musician (211)

13 Dark Riders + Std, Musician (242)

29 Corsairs + Full command, Sea Serpent Standard (340)

29 Corsairs + Full command, Banner of Swiftness (330)

Special (374)

11 Shades + extra hand weapon (187)

11 Shades + ehw (187)

Rare (400)

4 Bolt Throwers (400)

Total: 2499

28-07-2010, 22:27
2500 point Har Ganeth City Guard

Posted and played with purely for fun. I have no doubt that this lies firmly at the bottom of the tier and will crumple under any army with even a sniff of magic especially the Sorceress bodyguard list I'm currently typing up ;)

Army selection restrictions:

No Sorceresses ever!
1 Dreadlord per 3000 points
No more than 1 non-Khainite character Hero per Khainite character
No more than 1 unit of Crossbowmen for every unit of Spearmen. Crossbowmen units must not be more than half the size of their 'parent' spear unit.*
No Dark Riders
No Corsairs
No unit of Cold One Knights
No more than 1 unit of Black Guard or Cold One Knights or Chariot or War Hydra per Dreadlord
No Shades
No more than 1 Bolt Thrower (singular, not 1 0-2 Bolt thrower selection) per non-Khainite character

* i.e. if you have two units of spearmen, one of 24 models and the other of 30 models, you could take two units of crossbowmen, one of up to 12 models and the other of up to 15 models

Hero choices (500 points)

Shadowblade (300)

Death Hag + Cauldron (200)

Core (625 points)

25 Spearmen + Shields, Full command, Banner of Murder (215)

25 Spearmen + Shields, Full command (190)

10 Crossbowmen + Shields (110)

10 Crossbowmen + Shields (110)

Special (990)

25 Witch elves + Hag, standard, Witch Brew, Banner of Swiftness (310)

12 Executioners + Full Command, Standard of Discipline (189)

12 Executioners + Full Command, Gleaming Pennent (179)

Non-contributing Units (673)

7 Harpies (77)

7 Harpies (77)

6 Harpies (66)

Assassin + xhw, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine (151) accompanies Witch Elves

Assassin + xhw, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine (151) accompanies Executioners

Assassin + xhw, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine (151)accompanies Executioners

Total: 2501

I am tempted to replace Shadowblade with a Master with the Ring of Hotek, I dare someone to tell me the item is broken with respect to the above army :p

28-07-2010, 22:58
2500 point Sorceress Bodyguard

Army selection restrictions:
No Khainite units except for Assassins (Malekith wants his brides protected!)
No more than 1 Dreadlord per 2 Supreme Sorceresses*
No more than 1 Master* per 2 Sorceresses**
No Corsairs***
No more than 1 unit of Cold One Knights* per 2 Sorceresses**
Up to 1 unit of Black Guard**** per Sorceress (again, Malekith wants his brides protected!)
No more than 1 Bolt Thrower (singular, not 1 0-2 Bolt thrower selection) per unit of Spearmen or Crossbowmen.****
No more than 1 Hydra per 3000 points*****

*representing the poor schmuck nobles who couldn't pay their Sorceress fee for their last skirmish and are now forced to serve them until their debts are paid.
**Either normal Sorceresses, Supreme sorceresses or combination of both
***They're too busy raiding to get indebted to a sorceress
****Within normal selection restrictions e.g. 0-3 in a <3000 point army for specials, 0-2 for rare.
*****Remember the Spelleater variant?

Lord Choices (625 points)

Supreme Sorceress + L4, Focus Familiar, Pendant of Khaeleth, Healing Potion, Shadow Magic (355)

Supreme Sorceress + Talisman of Preservation, Shadow Magic (270)

Hero choices (485 points)

Sorceress + L2, Tome of Furion, Talisman of Endurance, Death Magic (180)

Sorceress + Power Scroll, Shadow Magic (150) the idea being that the L4 and L3 pick their spells first and if either/both roll PoS they replace it with the signature spell, leaving the poor lowly L1 with the power scroll to drop the nuke with scroll powered IF :evilgrin:

Master + Lance, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Cold One Armour of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem, Potion of Foolhardiness (155) accompanies Cold One Knights

Core (626 points)

27 Spearmen + Shields, Full command (204)

12 Dark Riders + Musician (211)

12 Dark Riders + Musician (211)

Special (588 points)

9 Cold One Knights + Dread Knight, Standard, Banner of Swiftness (290)

15 Black Guard + Towermaster, Crimson Death, Standard, Wailing Banner (298)

Rare (175)

War Hydra/Artillery magnet (175 points)

Total: 2499