View Full Version : How old is Tigurius?

28-07-2010, 22:36
I have been looking through my marine codex's and I cant seem to find how old Tigurius is. Im assuming he isnt as old as Cassius. But what about Calgar? Again Im assuming not and that his fame is all to do with his power as opposed to age, psykers can just be born powerful. But then surely he would have to be quite old to have trained himself to harness that power as well as he does.

Any ideas?

29-07-2010, 13:00
55 views and no replies.... Anyone?

29-07-2010, 14:16
Don't think I've ever seen a number, so I'd say about the same age as Calgar, based on;

1) They have been in the same battles and campaigns.
2) If he was much older or younger it would have been noted. Older, it would probably have been mentioned like with whats-their-faces, the Chaplain and Standard Bearer, and if he was much younger his sheer power-level would have been something exceptional.

29-07-2010, 14:17
Couldn't find anything from codex or lexicanum, so i'd guess it hasn't been covered.

29-07-2010, 16:19
No clue Koran.

I would assume as others have that he is reletively as old as Calgar.

Warmaster Bill
10-08-2010, 21:24
Hasn't been mentioned in anything I've read

10-08-2010, 23:27
I think I read somewhere that Calgar is over 400 years old? Can anyone tell me if this is true?