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29-07-2010, 01:37
Lord mortkin,MoK,Acid ichor,sword of swift slaying,crimson armour of dargan,necrotic phaylactery.
Mortari the sorcerer,MoN conjoined homonculus,chariot,MoN,armour of morslieb,Spell familiar.
Wulfrik, nothin more to say.
Pustus the exalted,palanquin,MoN,bsb,filth mace,enchanted shield.

10 Chaos knights,full command, wailing banner,MoT.
20 Chosen,full command,Razor standard,mask of EEE!.-(mortkin goes in here)
20 chaos warriors,MoN,shields,full command,war banner.-(pustus goes in here)
45 Marauders,full command.-(Wulfrik goes in here to outflank)
5 Dragon ogres,additional hand weapons,champion.
3K on the dot
it a painting army not expecting to win every time just happy to play and i want some comments on how the units will do together...:skull:

29-07-2010, 23:59
Not sure how the dragon ogres will bear up with the new effectiveness of artillery but otherwise seems legit.

30-07-2010, 10:17
well thie thing with this army is that there are 2 hammer units and 2 anvils, dragon ogres and knights being the hammers and chosen and warriors being the anvils and the marauders are there to be a nusance....glad you repllyed tho i was giving up hope on this thread...lots of views but no replys makes mortkin a very angry warlord

orcs of fire
30-07-2010, 11:28
Seems to me like quite a small model count to deploy, one or two of those big spells might ruin your day quite quickly.

Other than that it looks like a pretty solid army :), the idea of the mask of EEE! on the chosen is a good one that I may indeed steal :angel:

Oh, and if I were you I would drop a few marauders to give them either mark of khorne, or, if you find enough point give them great weapons.

30-07-2010, 12:24
Flails are better than GW's on maruaders in 8th as marauders have a respectable initiative of 4, when they have mark of khorne you are hoping to break through what you charge meaning you wont have a second round of combat ( unless your unlucky ) so flails being one round only wont matter, plus they are the same points. :)

30-07-2010, 14:17
I've actually had a few times where my Marauders didn't break the enemy in one go, it took them 3 rounds of combat to beat a steg (glad I had GW that time), also I took a charge from a unit that had 7 ranks and they ended up lasting two combats because they were steadfast after the first (and would have won the second if I had flails).

Yes with GW you will attack second, so there may be more attacks at you (but sometimes they will have full attacks back even if you used flails) but is it really worth losing your +2 strength just so a few less attacks are directed at guys that cost 5 points each? IMO, no.

30-07-2010, 15:10
well i will have the first hero put up on a log today as he is nearly finished. and i will have the palanquin one online as well soon.you'll be in shock and awe of it as i havent seen any like it even online...