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29-07-2010, 04:39
The morning air was cold, damp, and choked with the odour of blood, scat, ****, sulfur, sweat. Everywhere along the rock strewn snow speckled hillside the last wispy gasps of air burst from the lips of the dieing and wounded - soon to be dead. Men, Goblins, and Dwarves...... Cursed filthy goat-rutting Dwarves. Dog's bane spat blood, another piece of a broken tooth dislodged and he spat it toward that cursed bloody rock outcrop now shoruded in a strange mist.

" Augh! Foul stunty whiskercheeks!! Wheh's old Rotbelly and 'er hags? " Dog'sbane swore.... Then realizing the dazed frothing brute next to him probably did not even know where HE was, dog'sbane spat agin in disgust and cast about lookign for teh wretched witch and her hag coven.

He saw the broken bodies of a dozen men from the West, tall and strong, brave mostly and well able, but not much a match for the numbers the wretched wood could belch out when there was loot to be had and blood to spill. Even a few of the fair ones amoung them. Fun sport they could be when you got them alive. Thinking on it lightened his mood for the moment before his eyes sept over the great bloody red ruin of Grumnuskagg. Dog'sbane cursed again. Three of them had gutted that giant beast and chopped off it's head to carry back to their hall for show.

It galled him to no end. That had been the undoing of the bones of his band. Sure the bonebacks had kept at the humans long enough to chop them into tiny bits, but then they'd killed half their own before the bloodlust had dulled enough that they had tired and, as much as a boneback could, came to their senses.

He cursed again, and for good measure stabbed the crawling body at his feet. He looked down. Three-toes. Good enough fighter, and probably would've survived his wound, but Dog'sbane needed the stupified brute more than he did the wounded spearman and it would calm his nerves to hear a death rattle near by. Where was that fat, skulking bag of scat anyway?

Blackfang had had a hand in this he was sure. A simple ambush and looting it should have been, but the scouts had not mentioned the Brynjar, or their witch, or the bald axeman, a terror that one was. If the old cheif had put a hand into this and tried to get Dog'sbane stuck on a pit. Well...... There would be blood on the camp tents when he got back. Big dogs or no....

He noticed the boneback had seemed to focus on something.

"Wot 'ur you lookin' at hagmuncha? " Dog'sbane prodded the dope.

The brute might have answered had a thick hafted spear not punched through his throat and passed halfway out of his back.

"augh!" Dog'sbane leaped sidelong for the shelter of a tiny rock, as another spear identical to the first struck into the ground where he had been standign only an instant before. The remnants of his spearmen and archers scrambled for what little cover they could find. Obviously terrified of the wicked Dwarven spearmen.

Dog's bane chanced a glance over ther edge of the rock as a low hollow crooning swept from the high rock above. through the mist he could see the dull glint of steel helm and shield boss, hammer and mace, sword, axe, and spear. Ten of them he could see, barely, but he knew somewhere there was an eleventh.... A bellowing madman who could cleave away the foot of a troll-brute in one stroke and behead him in the next.

And then the Witch....it had to be she who had wrought this cloaking mist. Were he sensitive to such things as was crowbiter or rotbelly he might have known where to find her. Could he ctach her she would make good his escape as a valued hostage, but no. The only way he would get out of this alive was to rally his goblins and make for the best he could against these armoured squats. Failing that a desperate run for the woods and to cover within... yes, better to hav ethat garantee than to chance it against them on lower ground and in lesser spirits.....

By wit and spear Dog'sbane had survived near twice as long as any other low cheif amoungst the Blackbog clan, and today wit would be what woudl save him again.

A thunderous bellow pealed from near to this right and Dog's knew he would get onyl this chance to run like mad and hope he could slow a few of his spearmen enough to be caught by his pursuers.

kidn of hackneyed I know but I fiugred it might make a nice intro for these guys....


The Brynjar, Dvergr elites;












Hjordisa Ymirsdottir

Hrothagar the IronHearted V II

Fearless Hvitarnor

Nannulf of Arnholdt's Hill

Svanhild the Sure

High Lord Valerion the Gilded

Brynjar Bondi

Brynjar Spearmen

29-07-2010, 12:12
you never cease to amaze us.
and that's it, I am so gonna order this month from you ! :)
the time has come.
now do those undead please :p

oh and please come say hi at dragonpainting again.
I am sure many will love to see these new gems, and I'd rather see you bring the good news.
all the best mate :)

29-07-2010, 19:58
Fantastic again Tre- I love those dwarfs - so much character.

30-07-2010, 05:02
Dude I'd go so far as to say they are the best dwarfs I've ever seen. Fantastic.