View Full Version : 2250 Dwarfs on the Assault

Maarten K
29-07-2010, 07:03
With the advent of 8th edition my miner heavy dwarf army seems to have improved a lot, i'm going to try this army soon. We play in a friendly environment, so SC and really nasty combo's are avoided. Any comments?

Runelord 395
Rune of Stone, MR of balance, R of sspellbreaking

Thane BSB 165
Strollaz Rune, Oathstone

25 warriors 250
shields, full command

25 warriors 250
shields, full command

20 longbeard rangers 315
GW, full command, Rune of leadership test on 1d6

20 miners 275
full commmand, steamdrill

20 miners 275
full command, steamdrill

cannon 90

cannon, rune of burning 95

gyrocopter 140

total: 2250