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Pawn of Decay
29-07-2010, 09:52
So to start a load of new people wanting to play fantasy in our area, our local gaming club has set up a campaign. It's based for everyone to learn the new rules etc. and for each of us to get a decent sized army up built and painted at a fairly decent stage.

The campaign starts at 500pts on the 5th August and we have until they end of August to get it painted. In September the Campaign moves to 1,000pts with us having to have it painted by the the end of September etc. until the end of November where we should have all played a decent ammount of games and all have a 2,000pts painted army.

There will be some cool quirks along the way including the fact that all generals from each army will start with a roll on the EYE OF THE GODS table from the WoC book. The general of each army is essentially YOU and if you do you loose your gift of the Gods and go back to your starting points cost etc. which is the 125pts limit.

Anyway for my army I wanted something fairly balanced with a few options and some all round fun. I've chosen the Warriors of Chaos army. This is my first attempt at the 500pts list so all comments and criticism will be more than welcome and very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Hezbadle (Chaos Sorcerer) - 125pts
- Level 1 Sorcerer
- Spell Familiar
- Conjoined Homunculus
- Favour of the Gods


The Fouled (Warriors of Chaos) [11] - 214pts
- Mark of Nurgle
- Champion
- Musician
- Hand weapon and shield

The Hunted (Marauder Horsemen) [6] - 120pts
- Mark of Khorne
- Flails

Chaos Warhounds (6) - 36pts

Total Points: 495pts

Pawn of Decay
30-07-2010, 06:55
I know it's only 500pts. But doesn't anyone have any advice they could give me to the list selection?

30-07-2010, 12:46
what lore is your sorceror taking? I reckon at this points level you are probably better of taking marauders as you can take 3 marauders for every one warrior. At 500 points I would try a list like this:

- Exalted Hero (124)
- shield
- flail

- 28 marauders (10*3) (exalted here)
- flails
- Khorne

- 30 marauders (10*3)
- flails
- khorne

- 5 Warhounds

Theres a decent fighting character who has 4 S7 attacks and these are sure to take out any other character you come across, the 30 man marauder units can deal out 40 S5 attacks at I4, ouch. They are also ITP so wont run away from panic or terror. The hounds are there to satisfy the minimum units of 3 but they can also take out any warmachines that your opponent may have. At the 500 point level your are likely to mince through anything you come across. Obviously the downside is you have to paint 60 marauders :shifty:

Hope this helps :)

30-07-2010, 14:06
I would use mark of tzeentch over nurgle on your warriors (mainly since they have shields, the 5+ Parry is great).

I like the Favour of the Gods on your Hero, since everyone gets a roll you will have the best chance at liking your result. I also prefer a sorcerer to the exalted, although that is because I really like magic...in this scenario an exalted would probably survive better and take out other peoples heroes, while getting more and more EotG rolls.

I agree that Brady's list is much scarier to fight than yours, but that is a lot of models to buy and paint. In bigger games you are going to want a Marauder horde (they are amazing) so maybe getting started on painting them isn't all that bad.

30-07-2010, 17:25
Your army seems quite small and vulnerable.
For myself i would switch the warriors for Marauders in a straight swap.

Looking forward to see how you expand your army anyway.