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29-07-2010, 10:44
This is my first attempt at a Skaven list.

Aim is to you use as much as the starter game as possible plus an extra battalion or two. Also big chunky blocks are the order of the day.

Queek will run with stormvermin. Each of the other hero's will ride with the clan rats with the Warlock also running with Queen and the stormvermin.

Queek Headtaker - 215

Chieftan - battle standard, storm banner, sheild = 122
Cheiftan - sheild, weaping blade, additional hand weapon = 79
Plague Priest, Level 2 Wizard, Flail, Plague Furnace = 290
Warlock Engineer - level 1, warplock pistol, 2x dispell scorlls = 123

40 Clanrats - Spears, Sheilds, Command, Warpfire Thrower= 290
40 Clanrats - Spears, Sheilds, Champion, Musician = 216
20 Slaves = 40
30 Slaves = 60
20 Slaves = 40
20 Slaves = 40
39 Stormvermin: Musician, Standard Bearer, Shroud of Dripping Death= 338

6 Rat Ogres 4 Packmasters = 264
40 Plague Monks, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Under Empire = 320
8 Poisoned Wind Globadiers with attached Poisoned Wind Mortar = 145

Doomwheel = 150
Doomwheel = 150
Warp Lightning Cannon = 90

Total 2972

What do you think?

29-07-2010, 19:35
Firstly, regarding technicalities:

The battle standard bearer should be 147 points, I think you forgot to add on the 25 points for him being a battle standard bearer.

The Warlock Engineer is only allowed one Dispel Scroll since it is now a unique magic item.

The list itself looks reasonable. Personally, I would lose the 79 point Chieftain. He's going to die very quickly. With the spare points I would make all the units of Slaves 30 strong and possibly give them musicians. I would give the Clanrats standards and musicians only and lose their spears and give the Stormvermin a champion as I presume Queek will be rolling with them. It is worth noting that you could probably fit at least one more unit into your army as the Clanrats, Plague Monks and Stormvermin don't have to be run in such numbers to be effective. I would personally forget about the Horde rule and go for depth so as to assure Steadfast. Perhaps add some Giant Rats and the much underestimated Gutter Runners to help negate enemy missile fire along with the Storm Banner.

Specs Ops Commander
04-08-2010, 16:06
What about dropping the warp-lightning cannon and fielding a hell-pit abomination instead?