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29-07-2010, 17:55
Rakkashi was not a very happy Gor. Everything he had taken for granted had been turned on it's head. Now the once rather boring woods were rather dangerous with all manner of poisonous shrubs, clutching vines, and blood spewing, random moving trees. There also semed to be a lot more really wierd buildings popping up all the time.
Oh well, life should never be boring. At least there always seemed to be an endless display of his brethren....

This is a new thread to document my trials and tribulations in this new wierd and whacky 8th edition. In 7th edition there were top tier, middle tier, low tier, sub-basement tier, and finally Beastmen. In the new edition the general consensus is that they really havent improved much. Well good ol'Rakkashi is going to prove them wrong....I hope...
So here's the idea. I am going to play 10 more battles with the Beastmen before finally shelving them for a while and trying out another army. As of yet I am undecided on what will be coming but Orc&Gobos is definitely a contender. Along the way I am actually going to try and post some pictures as my Beastmen are also in the midst of a serious painting challenge from a fancy pants High Elf dude. I also have made some cool, in my mind at least ;), conversions in the army.
Batreps will be coming along shortly.

29-07-2010, 18:00
First battle is already up as a youtube rep by Malorian. Check out his last battle with WAAAGH! Wazzap.

29-07-2010, 19:15
Links for his first battle:


I take it you are writing up the second one?

(For everyone one else let me tell you it was an awesome game that he had against dark elves, so stay tuned.)

29-07-2010, 20:06
YES! Rakkashi is back! I've been longing for the return of him! :D

29-07-2010, 20:50
I hadn't noticed before now, but... Lol Canadians.

29-07-2010, 21:04
First of all happy to see more rakashian adventures, Seabo!

cool rep (even if it is a youtube ;) ), thanks mal

that miscast was horrid I'd say.

Just a tip about the spawn if i remember correctly people don't get charge reactions against units with random movement, so no fleeing the spawn :) (just makes the skaven abomination even scarier)

no ambush?

29-07-2010, 21:36
Just a tip about the spawn if i remember correctly people don't get charge reactions against units with random movement, so no fleeing the spawn :) (just makes the skaven abomination even scarier)

You're right, we played that one wrong.

30-07-2010, 03:12
Have to really careful with your magic now if you attempt those high level spells. I am still considering a small bunker for my Lv4...if she is going to be nuking things every so often then I'd rather she nuked a minimal unit of 6pt Spearmen...

Thanks for the rep.

30-07-2010, 05:07
so seabo when are you going to post your last battle you had with the wifey??? :)

30-07-2010, 12:39
Cheers for the youtube report.

Very unlucky with the miscast Seabo and well played Mal. I don't see any reason why Beastmen can't be competitive in 8th ed so more reports please, practice makes perfect :D. Why did you hang back with the beastlord and bestigor until turn 13 :)?

Too much terrain effects going on I think. Poisoned woods, stubborn skull, +1 S and T etc. I know terrain doesn't cripple movement anymore but still, all those random effects might have given me a headache.

8th ed does seem a lot faster.

30-07-2010, 12:47
so seabo when are you going to post your last battle you had with the wifey??? :)

Now I'm not as brilliant as some of the more clever monkeys but I think I just figured out who Mrs. Seabo is on Warseer ;)

30-07-2010, 13:57
Now I'm not as brilliant as some of the more clever monkeys but I think I just figured out who Mrs. Seabo is on Warseer ;)

a regular Sherlock Holmes you are :D

30-07-2010, 14:04
Because I know Seabo is behind on his reports and I want him to get to his battle against his wife (plus the fact that I'm a battle report whore…) I’ve decided to write up his battle against the bunker owner’s dark elves.

Now I missed the setup and start of the first turn so I don’t know if some of the terrain had special effects, but then again if it did it never came into play.

If I got something wrong then I’ll correct it once I’m told.

Seabo’s Horde:

Beastlord Rakkashi
Beastlord on razorgor chariot
Wargor BSB w/ 2+ save
Bray shaman (Beast)
Bray shaman (Wild)

50ish ungors w/ FC
25ish gors w/ FC
25ish gors w/ FC (ambush)
10 hounds

25ish bestigors w/ FC
8 minotaurs w/ champ and musician (4 wide)


The Dark Elves:

Lvl 4 supreme sorceress w/ dagger, pendant

50 corsairs w/ FC, frenzy banner
29 spearmen w/ FC (6 wide)
10 repeater crossbowmen w/ shields (5 wide)
10 repeater crossbowmen w/ shields (5 wide)
10 repeater crossbowmen w/ shields (5 wide)
10 repeater crossbowmen w/ shields (5 wide)

10 shades
10 shades
10 shades

2 RBTs
2 RBTs

As far as I could tell the battle was pitched battle and they were playing on a 6X4 board that had a tower of blood just in front the middle of Seabo’s deployment zone, a building on the left, there was a woods on the right flank, a building on the right side of the DE deployment zone, and a woods on DE’s left side.

Seabo deployed from left to right: chariots, razorgor chariot, gors w/ shaman, ungor horde, bestigors w/ Rakkashi and BSB behind the tower, minotaurs w/ shaman behind, cygor, hounds.

The dark elves deployed from left to right: hydra, three units of crossbowmen in the left woods, corsair horde w/ Fellheart, spearmen w/ sorceress, RBT, *building*, RBT, hydra, crossbowmen, RBT, RBT.

Shades scouted into the left woods, the right woods, and into his building and Seabo won first turn.

My Thoughts as a Spectator:

I did not like Seabo’s chances… that was a lot of shooting and the naked beastmen would fall fast, plus that corsair horde was nasty and would take a lot to beat.

Unfortunately it looked like he was aiming to put his bestigors into the building, most likely to save them from shooting, but he wasn’t going to get anywhere being defensive in this game.

Turn 1 BM:

Ambushers show up already on the right flank and aim towards the RBTs. The line moves up with the hounds on the right flank zipping around the woods.

In the magic phase the bestigors are surged into the tower and nothing else happens of note.

In the shooting phase I assume the cygor misfired because it had already taken a wound when I got there at this point.

Turn 1 DE:

Corsairs charge the minotaurs and they flee (cowardly cows… most likely good choice though).

Main line moves up and the right hydra moves over to the ambushing gors.

Magic phase does nothing of note, and in the shooting phase Seabo takes a beating. The after a breath weapon and a ton of shooting the ambushing gors are reduced to two models (that hold), the hounds lose half their number and run off the board, and a spray of bolts whittle down his horde.

Turn 2 BM:

The chariot bravely charges the left hydra, the left gors charge the shades who flee and are caught, and the 2 gors charge a RBT. Minotaurs rally.

The rest of the line moves up cautiously while the lone shaman runs behind the ungors.

Magic phase does nothing of note, but in the shooting phase the cygor kills 7 corsairs.

In combat the hydra easily crushes the chariot and then reforms to face the gor’s flank (oh oh…) and the 2 gors beat the RBT and run it down but stay on the board.

Turn 2 DE:

Hydra charges the flank of the gors and the corsair horde charges the ungor horde.

Spearmen and right hydra move up.

Magic phase does nothing of note but in the shooting phase the 2 gors and the cygor are killed.

In combat the gors are beaten up badly by the fire breathing hydra, and I feel when I inform him he’s not steadfast because he was in a forest… the gors break but get away. The corsairs easily beat the ungors (although they took a good number of casualties themselves) but they get away as the corsairs hit into the lone shaman.

Turn 3 BM:

It was at this time that things were starting to look fairly hopeless for Seabo: the right flank was gone, the left was almost gone, and his center mainly consisted of some bestigors hiding in a tower and some minotaurs out of position, but he bravely fought on.

The razorgor chariot charged a unit of crossbowmen (but getting smashed as it ran through the woods), the ungors and gors rallied, and the bestigors moved out of the front of the building as the minotaurs moved up to support them.

In the magic phase the shaman goes for it and turns into a mountain chimera with IF, only killing 2 gors while doing so.

In combat the crossbowmen are beaten and ran down, and the corsairs shop up the shaman and run into the ungors.

Turn 3 DE: The slaughter…

Spearmen charge the front of the bestigors, a hydra hits one flank, and the other hydra hits the other flank… this isn’t going to be pretty… (remember that the tower of blood is giving everyone hatred and frenzy)

In the magic phase the bestigor unit lost 2 toughness (yikes!).

Now comes something that the DE player would be sore about later… he went straight to the combat phase. He must have been super excited about all upcoming slaughter because he missed a critical chance to shoot up the minotaurs and what remained of the gor block.

In combat the ungors are slaughtered (although again doing some damage back) and the corsairs run off the board. In the super combat the BSB challenges and the sorceress takes it knowing her pendant will keep her safe… she is wrong and take 2 wounds… However then the bestigors were completely wiped out, and since Rakkashi only killed a few spearmen it looked like it was pray to Jesus for insane courage time…

Crown of Courage ******!!! Yes that’s right, Seabo gave Rakkashi the crown of command and so with rerollable Ld 9 he wasn’t going anywhere.

Turn 4 BM: The comeback…

Gors charge some crossbowmen, the mountain chimera charges the RBT left of the building on the right, and then Seabo surprises everyone. We had assumed that the minotaurs would be charging the shades in the woods and look to clean up the right flank but it turned out they could barely see the edge of the spearmen, and suddenly there were 8 minotaurs in the flank/rear of the DE spearmen/hydra.

The razorgor chariot comes back on.

In the magic phase the DE player tries to dispel the remains in play but fails.

In combat the crossbowmen and RBT are beat and ran down, the BSB kills the sorceress, the minotaurs take a few wounds, but in the end the spearmen are decimated and the last 8 break along with the hydras. Only one hydra gets away.

Turn 4 DE:

Hydra fails to rally, corsairs come back on the board, he dispels the remains in play, and shoots down the now plain shaman.

Turn 5 BM:

Hyrda is charge and caught, left crossbowmen are charged by gors and chariot, and other than that the minotaurs move into the tower for protection while the characters move away from the shooting.

In combat the crossbowmen are wiped out.

At this point the DE player decides it’s getting late and calls the game.

Looking at the board there was a lot dead on both sides and it’s ruled as a tie with out counting up the full points (just a quick rough comparison was made).

Post-Game Thoughts:

As a spectator this was an amazing game to watch with a massive come back from Seabo. I thought he was screwed but that crown of command paired with the minotaur counter charge worked like a charm.

In the end I think he actually did the right thing putting the bestigors in the tower since if they had been in the front line they just would have been the first target of the corsairs.

The shooting phase of the DE was pure nastiness, and I fear having to face it myself.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes ;)

30-07-2010, 14:17
The Crown of Command is definately going to be one of the more popular common magic items and I think this illustrates why. :D

Small question, what size game was it? 3000pts?

30-07-2010, 14:22
Yes, 3000.

That's the standard size of our gaming group.

30-07-2010, 15:00
Cracking Game, I was weeping for the poor beasties after T3! How did the unit of 8 mino's fair do you think compared to say 2x3?

30-07-2010, 18:18
that was quite a turnaround, well done Seabo!

and thanks Mal for doing the rep on the battle

(that is an insanely shooty DE list (70RxB's and 4 RBT's......)

30-07-2010, 18:38
Lol there you have it :p. I was ready to throw in the towel at the end of turn 3 but good ol'Rakkashi and his BSB held out lol. Couple list edits to mention: BSB also had the reroll armour save talisman and the Razorgor chariot had a Wargor not Lord. There was a lord in the Gors unit (Grax, good old buddy to Rakkashi :D, more fluff coming later)
@KHolburn-8 Minos is a huge points cost at 550ish with GWs but they swung the game back into my favor with the flank charge. They took 3 casualties to the Hydra and Spears and, if it had been only 6, probably would not have been able to go totally hammerhappy on the spearelves.
One other quick thing, MrMountainChimeraShammy got dispelled right behind the Shades building :(. Buhbye on last turn lol.
I am extremely happy with this outcome, especialy against the sheer firepower of that list. Had we gone 6 turns though I'm pretty sure I would have been tabled.
Rakkashi and his BSB were uber-defensively geared. I am actually liking that lol. Till next game :p.

31-07-2010, 00:21
Wow I was so sure that the beasties were done for but they made a smashing comeback! Bravo!

31-07-2010, 02:35
Well here it is.
The battle vs my wife, DarkPeach.
This is technically her 2nd real Warhammer battle and the first for 8th ed. The first game she ever played ended up being against a VC bunker army of sheer gouda.
So anyways, we had a 2kpt dustup. Rakkashi vs a heavily Khainite Themed Dark Elf army (she loves the witches :p)
My List
Bloodshed Axe, Armour of Silvered Steel
Gnarled Hide, HA, Ramhorn Helm, Reroll amour thingy (no book atm)
Lvl2 Shaman
Staff of Darkoth
GW, HA, Razorgor Chariot
25 Gors
Sh, FC
25 Gors
18 Bestigors
FC w/WarBanner
8 Minotaurs
Bloodkine, Musi
30 Ungors
Sh, FC

The Peachy list ;)
Lvl2 Sorceress on Dark Peg
Lokhir Fellhart (General)
Death Hag
Cauldron, Sword of Ruin
20 RXbows
Sh, FC
25 Corsairs
FC w/Frenzy Banner, Lokhir
20 Executioners
FC, Tullaris(? Special Champ)
25 Witch Elves

Some ppl may notice that she is kinda low on core pts. Thats because we havent finished putting all her warriors together. I offered to lend her some Ungors as proxy but she refused. Beast racist.... :P

Setup and Deployment
We rolled Meeting Engagement, the one with angled deployment zones, and some rather wonky terrain. The most interesting was her plonking down off a scree slope just off dead center off the board and on the edge of one deployment zone. There was also a Sphinx rolled, we used a bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka :D Dan Akroyd just rocks lol.
The DarkElfs ended up with both the Corsairs and Hydra in reserve. I lost out on the Sh Gors.
She deployed, left to right, Executioners, Cauldron, Witch Elves, RXbows on the Scree slope, Sorceress.
I deployed Minotaurs, Wargor Chariot, AHW Gors, Ungors w/Shammy, Bestigors w/Rakkashi and BSB.
Not surpisingly she won first turn.

Pre Game Thoughts
I was fairly confident as this was a heck of a lot softer list then the last one I had faced and I had quite a few #s on her. Plan was to pound the left flank with the Minos and AHW Gors and then use em to roll her up.

31-07-2010, 03:50
Rakkashi scratched his head in puzzlement at the huge crystal skull like statue that seemed to erupt out of the middle of nowhere.
"What by Chaos is that supposed to be?" He asked incredulously.
His Battle Standard Bearer and right hand Gor shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno boss but guaranteed it's going to do something nasty. Nothing seems to be just plain stuff anymore." He hung his massively horned head. "I'm a forest creature thats afraid of the forest."
"I hear that," muttered Rakkashi. He eyed the Dark Elves setting up across the field. "Let's go eat."

Turn 1
Dark Elves
Executioners try the Hail Mary charge (15") but fail.
Both the Corasirs and Hydra come in on the far left side. The Cauldron who gives the Executioners a 5+ ward. Witch Elves move slowly, staying behind the scree slope and Sorceress beelines towards the Sphinx.
No magic worth mentioning.
Shooting is rather brutal as 6 Bestigors fall to the RXbows.

Sh Gors come on to support the Bestigors. I declare charges on the Executioners by the Minos, Razorgor Chariot and the AHW Gors. Minos and Chariot both make the 15'+ distance but the AHW Gors fail.
As for Magic I use the staff for Viletide on the archers and kill a whopping 2. Then I also cast it and kill 3 more. Seriously, why did I pick this crappy lore :mad:.
In combat I manage 1 measly Chariot Impact and only kill 1 from the Minos charge but then the Bloodkine challenges and promptly pulps Tullaris. The rest of the Minos go sheer stompy and wipe 2 ranks. Her attacks back take out 1 mino. The Wargor and co manage to add a few more and so the combat is rather lopsided in my favor but she is stubborn from the cauldron.....boxcars :D.
Both units elect to overrun. The Minos need only 3' to reach the Corsairs and I promptly roll 2...Oh well, at least the Wargor reached the Cauldron.

Turn 2
Combo charge on the Minos from the Hydra and Corsairs.
Witches wheel to face the flank of the Wargor.
Sorceress tries her luck with the Sphinx and gets Loremaster(Death)......oooh boy.
Magic sees Purple Sun cast and swings out ominously towards my Sh Gors.
The deadeye RXbows again blast off a rank of Bestigors.
Combat goes dismal as the Minos are completely avalanched by the storm of Corsair and Hydra. The 2 survivors kill a couple and cause 1 wound to the Hydra but break and are rundown.
Both make it into combat with the AHW Gors.
The Wargor fares evn worse, failing Primal Fury and only managing 1 Impact. Its almost a complete whiff and I wind up killing 1 Attendant. In return she wounds the Chariot twice. I lose but manage to hold.

Shaman abandons the Ungors and hops into a building.
Bestigors and ShGors advance towards the RXbows.
Magic is a bust.
Combat sees absolute squat from the Wargor and co but thankfully nothing much happens in return so its a draw.
Hydra does it's breath attack and, combined with the insane # of attacks from Lokhir and his pirate brethren, almost completely wipe the Gors. They break and the Corsairs run them down. Hydra restrains and turns to face the Bestigors.

Turn 3
Witch Elves charge the chariot in the flank.
Corasairs and Hydra both move forward.
Purple Sun spins through the Sh Gors and kills 12!! Thankfully they pass ld.
To add insult to injury the RXbows take down 11 more....just the champ and standard left...again ld is passed.
In combat the frenzied witches obliterate the chariot and overrun.
Things are looking bleak....:cries:

31-07-2010, 04:23
Ungors decide to go for the gusto and charge the Hydra.
Everything else moves up.
Shaman kills a whopping 1..yes 1..RXbowman with 2 castings of Viletide.
In combat the bloodthirsty Ungors go completely insane and actually kill the Hydra :D. Go figure, they actually did something lol.

Turn 4
Dark Elves
Corsairs charge Ungors.
Witches reform and advance towrds the center of the table.
Sorceress tries some spells but all are dispelled. Purple Sun fizzles out of existence.
RXbows unleash a storm of bolts on the Bestigors and reduce them to just the command group, BSB and Rakkashi.
Ungors are predictably trashed by the Corsairs and run off the table. Corsairs restrain and reform to face the rear of the Bestigors and the building that the Shaman is cowering in.

Both the Bestigors and Gors charge up the slope at the RXbows. Stand and shoot sees the Bestigor Musician and standard bearer drop.
Magic sees a couple corsairs killed by Viletide.
Rakkashi bellows his warcry and, with full fury, completely eviscerates 6 Elfs on his own. The rest combine to kill another 4 more. In response the Gor standard bearer is chopped down but once more the odds are definitely stacked in my favour. She picks up the dice for a break test and promptly rolls snakeeyes....*sigh*.

Turn 5
Dark Elves
Everything moves towards the scrum in the center. Next turn both the Witch Elfs and Corsairs will be able to charge.
I felt kindof insulted that she completely ignored my Shaman but then he had only managed to kill like 7 elfs all game and was hardly a threat...seriously, whoever dreamed up Lore of the Wild should be smacked upside the head with a baseball bat:D.
Magic sees nothing as she has no combat spells.
In combat the Elfs are reduced to 1 who fails to do anything back. If all goes well I should be able to chase him down, getting off the Scree slope and try nailing the Sorceress and Cauldron in my turn.
She rolls snakeyes again....
I give up :cries:

Post Game Thoughts
Ok, that was absolutely brutal. My dice rolls were surprisingly good but hers were just insane.
The RXbows dominated the middle of the table and were pincushioning things left and right. Honestly, I figured my game was kaputs when my left flank crumbled.
Hard fought game and grats to wifey on her first victory :D

31-07-2010, 07:43
Very nice turnaround in the first DE game Seabo, and I must say congrats to your wife for her first win (although sorry for you loss :p) lol, two insane courage in a row. Good reports Seabo and Mal, looking forward to the next one :)

31-07-2010, 08:14
nice rep as usuall, and quite a vicious battle.

I agree on Lore of the Wild being.... not to great... Viletide should only be cast on monsters and warmachines (then you don't expect much anyhoo)

congratulations on the win Darkpeach :)

31-07-2010, 08:30
Well at least now you know what to fill out the rest of her Core with...another unit of 20 Rxbs! :p

These reports have been enjoyable, keep it up!

31-07-2010, 09:04
Great games. Grats to the Dark Elf scum on their victory :p

Can I suggest you check something out Seabo? There's a thread at the Herdstone with a guy playing a rather unusual list. Take a look at it, he has had great success with it. Maybe you want to try something similar out, it has inspired me to try something like it.

link (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/index.php?showtopic=20684)

Lore of Shadow is a great lore for us, with more or less all spells being useful. Okkam's Mindrazor is a beast (ho hoo) with our core infantry. Combined with the beast signature spell we can have S7 T5 gors :cool:

31-07-2010, 17:00
Ty for the comments :D. Yes the wife is quite smug about her win lol.
@Palantir. That's a very interesting list. Only thing is that most of my opponents tend to have rather shooty lists that would decimate that. However, I may try to incorporate some of it. The Lore of Shadows could definitely be a boost.

31-07-2010, 17:25
Eek that was brutal losing your minos so early.

05-08-2010, 07:43
Life had not been what you would call good recently for Rakkashi and his sizably reduced herd. They were on the run, pursued by bloodthirsty, pointy earred , scantily clad women. Sometimes life just did not seem fair.
One of his far ranging Ungor scouts popped out of the underbrush.
"Another Herd Master," he groveled. "They approach from the west. It is Grax's herd"
"Grax!" Rakkashi boomed. "This is what we needed! Quick now, run to him! He will stand with us!"
As the Ungor scampered back into the brush Rakkashi tossed his head back and brayed his warcry.
Far to the west came a distinctive echoing reply. It would be good to see Grax again. They would have much to talk about over a fire with some freshly cooked elf flesh.....

So the epic rematch finally came between me and my wife. This time the lists were a whee bit different.
Rakkashi's Beast Raiders
Beastlord w/HA, Ramhorn Helm, Crown of Command, Sh
Beastlord w/HA, Sword(Axe)of Bloodshed, Many-limbed Fiend
Wargor BSB w/AoF, Gnarled Hide, Sh
Bray-Shaman lvl2 w/Scroll, Beasts-Savage Beast, Wild Form
20 Gors-Sh, FC
22 Gors-AHW, FC (Grax)
20 Ungors-FC
5 Centigors-Trowing Axes, Musi
4 Razorgors
Razorgor Chariot
18 Bestigors-FCw/ Banner of Eternal Flame (Rakkashi, BSB)

Severe 180 for me not taking a single Minotaur but I wanted to see what the Warpiggies could do. I also knew that she would be taking the Hydra (always takes the Hydra it's her pride and joy) so the flaming Bestigors were a present just for that evil bleepin lizard.
Unfortunately I was just a whee bit surprised by her list.
Crone Hellebron
BSB w/Hydra Banner, HA, Halberd
Death Hag w/Cauldron, Rune of Khaine, Manbane
25 Witches w/FC, Banner of Murder (Crone)
20 Executioners w/FC, Banner of Swiftness (Cursclainin)
20 Corsairs w/FC, Frenzy Banner
10 RXBows
Bolt Thrower

Scenario and Setup
We rolled up Battle for the Pass and then a whole shwack of terrain including a Settlement, Sigmarite Shrine, Wizards Tower, Mysterious Woods, normal building, couple Hills and the Acropolis of Heroes. None of the terrain really played any factor at all so I'm not going to go in depth over placement.
She deployed left to right Corsairs, RXBows(in building), War Hydra. Executioners, Witch Elves (in forest), Cauldron and RBT all formed on far right flank.
I deployed, left to right, Centigors, Warpigs with AHWGors behind, Ungors w/Strakkar. On far left flank was Bestigors, ShGors and Chariot.

Postgame Thoughts
Original plan was to sweep right up and smash her heavy hitters with a tide of goats and just out CR her. The introduction of the Crone forced me to modify my tactics somewhat. There was no way I was letting her get anywhere near my Bestigors with that insane In9, S10, few bajillion attacks setup so thats why there were most of my secondary units there. New plan was to clean up my right flank then swing towards center and flank her, hopefully either killing or just outdamaging her witches and Executioners.
Beastmen win roll.

Turn 1
Whole right flank surges forward. Left advances more cautiously, hoping to stay out of charge range and get in the charge first.
Magic sees Strakkar attempt to cast Wildform on the Warpigs but its dispelled.

Dark Elves
Executioners try the Hail Mary charge on the Warpigs but are dismally short.
Corsairs attempt a 13' chrage on the chariot but fail.
Good old forest turns out to be a venomous thicket and, upon hearing the rather nasty things that may happen to her precious witches, DarkPeach decides to give them the 5+ Ward from the Cauldron then moves out of the forest. She takes 5 wounds, 2 of which are saved.
Shooty units stay put.
Shooting sees the Warpigs come under a hail of bolts and take 5 wounds.

Turn 2
Warpigs charge Executioners.
Centigors charge RBT.
Chariot and ShGors charge Corsairs, ShGors manage to roll a whopping 3......and fall flatt on their faces.
Grax's force and the Ungors, minus Strakkar who bailed into the Wizards Tower, shuffle so that if either is charged by the witches the other can flank. Their sole purpose is to hold up the witches as long as possible until the Bestigors can deal with them.
Bestigors march towards the Hydra.
Magic sees Strakkar, imbued by the Wizard's knowledge, cast Svage Beast on Rakkashi and attempt to cast the -1 ti hit Hex on the Executioners that goes off with a whopping 20 but she actually manages to roll boxcars on her last 2 dice.....boooooo:mad:
Combat sees the Centigors pulp the RBT crew and then reform to face the flank of the Witches and Executioners.
Warpigs pass their Primal Fury (yaaa). I'm expecting a huge whopping pile of dead GWElves when I am informed of Mr.BSB and his Hydra Banner.....she winds up and hits all 4 times. Then rolls 3 4's...I am thinking this is awesome. After all, Razorgors are toughness 5...then she says he has a Halberd....1 more piggy down and a loss of 4 attacks..that hurt:cries:. The others still manage to kill a rank but now the severe pain comes and I am left with 1 very wounded piggy (1 wound left). Amazingly he holds thnx to Rakkashi's ld.
Chariot charge starts off rather badly with a failed Primal Fury roll...twice. Then just gets worse with 1 whopping Impact hit that actually manages to not wound. I then proceed to cause all of 2 wounds with all my other attacks....Corsairs reply by going Ginsu and causing 4 wounds. Yeeps! Amazingly they hold on a 3 again thanks to Rakkashi.

Dark Elves
Hydra charges Bestigors.
Witches charge Grax's Retinue.
Cauldron moves behind Executioners and gives the Witches +1 attack.
RXBows try some shots on the Centigors and kill 1.
In combat the BSB predictably trashes the last warpig and his victorious unit turns to face the witch/gor battle.
Corsairs go first but dont manage to get that last wound on the chariot. In response the chariot actually makes its Primal Fury roll and proceeds to wipe out an entire rank and wins combat...she breaks and it runs them down! Now that was unexpected lol.
Rakkashi winds up with his 7 attacks at S8 and causes 4 wounds. Unconcerned she pulls out her dice to make regen rolls when she is informed of the flaming banner :shifty:.....it has been a very long time since I have received such a smoldering look....the BSB adds the coup'de'grace and kills the lizard. Maybe it was the yell of "Booya!!", maybe it was the victory dance on my side of the table. In either case I was informed that I am not going to get lucky for a very, very long time......*sigh*. She apparently really likes her Hydra......Bestigors overrun towards the building with the RXBows.
Grax keeps a low profile as the Crone and Witch Elves wipe out half the Gors on the charge then winds up and kills 5 in return. His surviving retinue kill another 4 more and, amazingly, I only wind up losing the combat by 2. Gors hold.
Things are actually looking good:D!

05-08-2010, 07:54
Turn 3
Ungors charge the Witches flank.
Bestigors attempt to charge the RXBows but fail. Stand and Shoot of course doesnt fail and 3 are shot down.
Chariot and ShGors swing towards the left flank.
Centigors move to within 8' of the Cauldron.
Magic sees a rather pitiful wind and, with only 3 dice, Strakkar attempts to cast Wildform on the Ungors but fails.
I actually get a shooting phase!!!!:p Centigors kill 1 Cauldron attendant.
This is where things go horribly wrong....
The Crone, rather perturbed at the hulking goat that hacked up all her ladies, prances over and completely eviscerates him. That 4 attacks+AHW+D3attacks+Frenzy is just downright brutal.
Her bloodsoaked followers then go completely mad and wipe all but the front rank of the gors and take out around 7 or so Ungors. The poor reeling Beastmen only manage 4 wounds total and the Gors break. Amazingly the Ungors hold (Steadfast FTW). Witches reform to face them.

Dark Elves
Executioners flankcharge the Ungors.
Cauldron moves up and gives the Executioners +1 attack.
RXBows fire on the Bestigors and kill a few more.
Combat sees the poor Ungors completely decimated. What few survivors that actually make it past the insane witches dont manage a single wound before the Executioners finish the job. Executioners reform to face the the oncoming ShGors and Chariot.
Strakkar fails his panic check and goes booking 12" away.

Turn 4
Bestigors get the charge on the RXBows but again lose some to Stand and Shoot.
For some insane reason I think it would be a good idea to charge the Cauldron with my Centigors instead of comfortably sit on their flank and hurl away with axes.....actually I forgot about them.
Strakkar rallies.
Chariots and ShGors decide it is much nicer on the right side of the mountain pass and decide to have a picnic. There was no way I was going near that threshing machine.
In combat Rakkashi winds up at the same time as the RXBows, oh how I hate I5 core....and kills 3. In response they actually kill 2 and then my BSB and Bestigor 'Assault Party' (I use the term loosely) manage, with Primal Fury, to kill a whopping 2......:wtf:
Predictably they hold.
Centigors are just sushied and the lone survivor manages to do squat before turning tail and booking up the cliff face.
Yup.....not good.....of course this is the time when my wife asks why I didnt just shoot at the Cauldron.....:mad:

Dark Elves
Witch Elves and Executioners advance towards the right flank.
Combat sees the RXBows manage to kill another Bestigor before being wiped out.

Turn 5
Bestigors vacate the building and asess the situation. With the forces I have left the chances of pulling off a win are pretty much nil. However the same can be said for the Dark Elves as both the Executioners and Witch Elves have taken heavy losses.
We decide to call it a draw....in my wifes favor of course.....I do love her after all:p.

Postgame Thoughts
Ok that was both good and....not so good. The sheer amount of attacks that the Witches can pump out combined with their nasty poison and the bleeping deadeye, hardcore crossbows from hell drive me insane!!!!
I had an untouched unit of 20Gors just sitting there on my right flank but sending them against the Witch/Executioner block would be like tweetybird facing off against the Tasmanian Devil in a cage match....
Same went for the Bestigors. With only 7 left they would be going last and, at I9 Hellbron could easily pick off either Rakkashi or Borakki in either challenge or straight up combat and her witches would see to it that nothing would be left in base contact to hurt her.
Still....I love the smell of burned Hydra in the evening......:evilgrin:
A whee bit of fluff will be coming soon and, hopefully. Another battle report.

05-08-2010, 14:33
Hellbron is nasty, but at least with stepping up and supporting attacks she is killable.

You just don't want to get into a challenge with her without a good ward/regen ;)

Looking forward to more :)

05-08-2010, 16:19
I smell a victory next game :cool:

So, razor chariot or tuskgor chariot? Also, I'm having doubts about razorgors. I think I favor a Doombull with some minos just for the sheer potential of this unit. They can do things that win you the game.

Bestigors... worth it? I haven't tried them yet as I only have 10.

05-08-2010, 18:40
Nice rep Seabo, go beasts! Way to burn that hydra up :p

05-08-2010, 21:04
lol it was a good game!! starting to get the hang of it now might soon wonder to find new armies to play! But need much bigger army!

05-08-2010, 21:34
Dark Peach you need to start coming out to the gaming group.

There are 150 night goblins waiting to great you ;)

06-08-2010, 07:56
nice rep, and a hard fought draw.
so the moral is "don't kill your wifes' hydra"?

If only witch elves came in plastics....

08-08-2010, 07:11
Another good report Seabo, looking forward to the next one (and the fluff).

As another member of the "Love and support for Hydras" group I heartily disapprove of your flaming axes! Damn primitives with their fire... *mumble, grumble*

10-08-2010, 05:26
great report I hope your herd has some batter luck against the dark elves mines been stomping a mudhole in the high elves....now i just have to figure how to smash templeguard in a turn or two......

14-08-2010, 22:52
The fire had all but died out as Rakkashi angrily kicked through the embers and stared at the slumbering forms that surrounded it. Too few...way too few.
The cursed pointed ears had taken a terrible toll on his herd. Over half were dead and Grax, once his closest advisor and the closest one of his kind could call a friend, had not been seen since the vicious females had torn through his bodyguard. Most of his herd feared the worst but Rakkashi knew better, he would see Grax again.
But for now that did not help him. There were many enemies, semmingly all around him, and his followers were thinning.
The sharp snap of large wings drew his attention. Something was approaching the camp. He considered waking his Bestigors, briefly. He could only hear one pair of wing flaps. Whatever it was the mighty Beastlord could easily handle it.
The shadow landed just outside the feeble circle of firelight. A large, gor-sized, winged sihlouette clutching a staff. It stepped forward.
"You," hissed Rakkashi.
"Long have I watched you Rakkashi," the figure whispered in an eerily harsh voice. "You have been chosen. You will show them all the wrath of the true children of Chaos."
"I would gladly serve you Despoiler," Rakkashi grunted. "But my herd has been crushed again and again. We do not have the strentgh and it angers me to say so."
"The figure laughed, a deep rumbling. "You will, Beastlord. Very soon. I will guide all I ca find to you and, when the time is right, I too will fight by your side."
With a final laugh it launched itself into the sky. Rakkashi watched until it dissappeared into the darkness.
Well things had definitely just began to pick up.....

At last the long awaited fluff lol. Finally get a Wednesday off and so will be taking a new and 'improved' 3,000pt list....i hope:D.
More to come soon.

15-08-2010, 16:44
so, joined by the dark omen? maybe that'll change your luck :)

(from a power perspective I consider slugtongue better though.... Not that I use SC's)

15-08-2010, 19:02
Lol used Slugtongue twice and he has managed to kill a grand total of 6 enemies off the bat with his poison thing.
Really doesnt seem worth 190pts to me but what they heck lol. I converted a model to be used as him so will probably pull him out once in a while.

18-08-2010, 19:19
Whats keeping your next battle rep. slacker :)

Have you ever considerd a cygor?
It seems like a good idea to field one or 2 since pre-measure.

18-08-2010, 19:37
Grat bit of fluff there Seabo, looking forward to your next rep! :)

19-08-2010, 04:35
Mogrokk, Slaughterer of Brenhoffen, sniffed the air with interest. There was something strange, a scent he had not smelled in many moon turnings. The massive Doombull cast a glance back at his hulking brethren and saw that they too had smelled it. The rest of his herd trickled to a stop.
"What is it Slaughterer?" Skakkiri asked. The Bray-shaman was very young and not very versed in the arts but he had felt the calling of the Dark Omen and Mogrokk was never one to pass up a chance to fight, or eat for that matter.
"Chaos things," Mogrokk growled. He gestured vaguely to the east. "There and coming closer."
Skakkiri reared his head back. "Daemons!" His voice almost cracked. "What will we do?"
The grating rumble, sounding like thunder that issued forth from the Doombull almost made him jump out of his skin.
"Hur, hur,hur shaman. Funny yes? We fight." Again he pointed to the east. "Old man smell that way. Buildings maybe but not used. We fight there."

So another week has come and this time I managed to get a battle in at the bunker. My Beastmen would be pitted against the Daemons of Chaos at 3,000pts.
Herd of Mogrokk
Mogrokk-Doombull w/Axe of Blood, HA, Sh
Skakkiri-Lvl1 Bray-Shaman w/Scroll
Praxx-Wargor BSB w/BeastBanner, HA
Dakkagor-Wargor w/AHW, HA
Hurkki-Wargor w/AHW, HA
38 Gors w/AHW, FC
40 Ungors w/Sp, FC, Ungrol
2xTuskgor Chariot
11 Minotaurs-AHW, Bloodkine w/Ironcurse Amulet, Musician
Razorgor Chariot

Bloodthirster w/Insanity thingy (2d6+2 Attacks)
Herald of Khorne
Herald of Slaanesh w/Many Arms, Lvl1
Herald of Slaanesh Lvl1
2x20 Daemonettes
39 Bloodletters
15 Mounted Daemonettes
6 Fleshounds
6 Screamers(?-Flying slashy things)
6 Flamers
3 Bloodcrushers

We rolled Watchtower for the scenario and Daemons ended up defending. In addition to the tower in the middle we had for terrain a Mysterious Forest (top right), Grail Chapel (Mid right), Fence (center right), Mysterious Forest (bottom midleft), Blessed Bulwark (far rleft mid), Building (top left).
I took Lore of Beasts (of course :p) and the +1S/+1T spell. She took Slaanesh lore.
I won first turn. Battle coming soon :D

19-08-2010, 17:15
Ask you wife to try these two changes in her next game. I would be curious how well they do for her. A big block of Corsairs with R-Handbows and the Banner of Murder. She likes Witches a lot as well.....Have her try a Death Hag (Rune of Khaine + 5+ WS rune) BSB with Banner of Hag Gref in the Executioners.

The Death Hag can be a little squishy in the Executioners, but with her luck + determination I think she will do VERY well.

19-08-2010, 17:48
Forgot to mention a wall that was center right. This would become rather pivotal.
Daemons deployed one Daemonettes unit in the tower. Then, left to right, Fleshhounds, Bloodcrushers, Bloodthirster, Mounted Daemonettes, Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Flamers and Slashers.
I deployed Ungors, Cygor, Gors (with all 4 Gor characters and straight across from tower), Minotaurs, Cygor, Tuskgor Chariot, Razorgor Chariot, Tuskgor Chariot.

PreGame Thoughts
Rather amusing about Bfe's question on running 2 Cygors as, the night before, I was wondering exactly what I could do to counter any large horde formations as Malorians 100+Gobbo horde of horrid hackiness is just scary and the DE's frenzied Corsair horde is major hack'n'slash.
So far they have performed rather subpar but I was hoping 2 would balance out. Was also planning on using them very aggressively in case I faced heavy magic.
Very little magic or magic items in my force also as i was going for #s.
Main battleplan was to send the Gor horde into the tower and overwhelm them with #s. The Ungors and Cygor would hold the left flank, Minotaurs and Cygor2 would hold the middle and the chariots would form a right flank. The general consensus seems to be that chariots suck now but I figured using 3 together and treating them as close as I could to a ranked unit might work.
Finally on to the battle.

19-08-2010, 17:52
Ask you wife to try these two changes in her next game. I would be curious how well they do for her. A big block of Corsairs with R-Handbows and the Banner of Murder. She likes Witches a lot as well.....Have her try a Death Hag (Rune of Khaine + 5+ WS rune) BSB with Banner of Hag Gref in the Executioners.

The Death Hag can be a little squishy in the Executioners, but with her luck + determination I think she will do VERY well.

Actually Rom we have discussed this. Her main issue right now is fig #s, she doesnt have enough. Only 20 Corsairs so far. The ASF BSB is good yes but with the step-up rules it really doesnt carry as much weight as it used too. Handbows are meh IMO but she plans on making a few.

19-08-2010, 18:40
Actually Rom we have discussed this. Her main issue right now is fig #s, she doesnt have enough. Only 20 Corsairs so far. The ASF BSB is good yes but with the step-up rules it really doesnt carry as much weight as it used too. Handbows are meh IMO but she plans on making a few.

Death Hag w/ASF banner will have the Executioners swinging at I5. Thats before most armies and many characters. Run them 6 wide or if hitting a horde.....swift reform them 10 wide then walk them in front of the Horde to receive the charge. If no losses crossing the board they will be swinging 20 I5 Re-roll-able S6 attacks or 30 attacks with CoB bonus!!!

My key as the Dark Elves have been to take the charges (yes I loose +1 CR charge), but with our initiative we usually go first. Swift reform. Walk them within 1" of front of whoever. Shoot them with my RxBows from my supporting units. If they charge I whoop them. If they don't. i shoot them again! This especially fun with my Corsairs with R-Handbows! They hit on 4's at all ranges with armor piercing banner!

19-08-2010, 19:16
Turn 1
Sticking to my aggressive plan I declared a charge on the tower with my Gor herd, passing both fear and PrimalFury. Ungors swung up through the Mysterious Forest.....Blood Forest..oh joys lol. Always scary waiting for that roll. Minotaurs marched up to the wall, Chariots swung around the Grail Chapel and both Cygors moved forward.
Magic was a bust as Wildform was dispelled. Worth mentioning here that every single magic phase except the last the daemons actually managed to channel an extra.
Shooting started off just wonderful as Cygor1 targeted the MDs and promptly dropped the rock on his toe or something. Grr Misfire.
Cygor2 scattered 6" directly forward of the Bloodletter horde...
Well that was fun.
In combat the Herald and Daemonettes combined to cause 8 wounds which included the FoeRender. The 2 Wargors then smacked 4 down but it was not enough to swing the fight and my battle and my assault party was repulsed.

The Daemons also start off defensively as both the Daemonettes and Bloodletter horde move towards the Minotaurs. This will be the pivotal battle.
Bloodthirster, Fleshhounds and Bloodcrushers move forward in a line. Slashers angle for a passover of the Chariots and Flamers get into shooting range of them.
Flamers cause 2 wounds on the RazorgorChariot but amazingly I save both. Boxcars ftw lol.
Magic didnt accomplish anything. In fact not a single spell was cast successfully in the whole game so last time I will mention this phase.

Chariots swing around the Chapel and line up on the Flamers.
Cygor1 stays put and the Ungors make a swift reform to shuffle back so they now protect the flank of the Gors engaged in the tower and, more importantly, are now in the Doombulls ldrship bubble.
Cygor2 moves around the Minotaurs.
Cygors are again totally bust with their rocks...sigh..at least they didnt manage to wound themselves.
Gor assault party pass both fear and PrimalFury but are again slaughtered down to the 2 Wargors who once again kill 4. Repulse number 2.

Daemonettes and Bloodletters combo charge the Minos.
Bloodthirster, Fleshhounds, MDs and Bloodcrushers swing to get into the arc of the Ungors.
Mogrokk declares a challenge and the BloodletterChamp accepts. He is of course completely pulped and I get 4 Overkill. Now comes the pain as, combined, the Daemons cause 11 wounds...wow that hurt:cries:.
Minos take stock of the situation and promptly cause a ton of wounds back. After combining with the overkill and the +1 for defended obstacle I pull off the win! They are both stubborn so no crumbles but +1A to my front rank:D
Finally the Daemonettes in the tower are not so thorough and only kill 5. They must be getting tired...Once again 4 Daemonettes are killed...seems to be my magic #.

All Chariots declare charges on the Flamers, once again leadership and PrimalFury rolls passed.
Cygor2 charges the Daemonettes.
Cygor1 stays put and the Ungors make a swift reform to shuffle back so they now protect the flank of the Gors engaged in the tower and, more importantly, are now in the Doombulls ldrship bubble.
Cygor1's rock again scatters off the MDs.
S&S by the Flamers causes a wound to the RazorgorChariot. Impact hits are brutal though and cause 7 wounds. The Flamers get another wound on the RazorgrChariot but then the crews combine to cause 4 more wounds and crumble the last through combat res. All reform to face the flank of the Daemonettes engaged with the Minos.
4 Minotaurs are hacked down and the Daemonettes cause 4 wounds to the Cygor. Minotaurs go absolutely ballistic and kill tons. I think it was around 20 or so total. Cygor2, clinging to his last wound, gets 4 wounds on the Daemonettes and then causes another 4 with Thunderstomp. Hooray for Ghostsight re-rolls!
Combat res is horribly skewed in my favor and, no longer being steadfast, both units roll very high rolls (Boxcars for Bloodletters and 11 on Daemonettes). Whats left crumbles. Right side of the table is now completely under my control.
The tower battle sees 4 Gors go down and 3 Daemonettes killed. The battle of attrition is finally starting to swing in my favor.

Khorne left side (Fleshounds, Bloodthirster, Bloodcrushers) all declare charges on the Ungors who, amazingly, pass every single test and PrimalFury too! Its here that I actually remember about Ungrol...go figure..what an impact he made on the game lol. Also so much for Doombulls ldrship bubble.
MDs swing right, probably hoping to counter or hold up the right flank.
Slashers swing over the Minotaurs bringing down another of the brutes.
Hoping to break through the Ungors and flank the rather ragged Gor herd the Khorne contingent goes first. 24 Ungors are slaughtered. Amazingly they take down a Bloodcrusher and a Fleshhound:D
If she had caused 2 more wounds then I would have needed snake-eyes. Fortunately for me she didnt and so I make my steadfast Ld7 roll (6 left in 2nd rank).
Gor assault party finally wipes the Daemonettes and take the tower.
At this point, with no infantry left, the Daemons cant take back the tower. Best they can do is kill off the Gors and go for draw or try to table my force. A tough prospect with random game length. Instead she concedes.
Beastmen Victory!!!!!!

Postgame Thoughts
Holy crap I won! That game was just brutally bloody. The Daemonettes in the tower were an absolute PITA to root out but I had #s on my side so it was only a matter of time.
The Daemons were a bit more cautious then I would have thought but I believe that just the size of my units were daunting and so she wanted to be able to bring what she hoped wld be overwhelming force against them. This was also the first time she had tried a horde out herself (Bloodletters).
Minotaurs were definitely MVPs. The sheer amount of attacks they can pump out is amazing. Cant wait to throw these guys in a horde. Honorable mentions also have to go to Cygor2 for his reckless cahrge that swung the pivotal battle in my favor and the Ungors for holding up the frenzied Khorne left flank.

Thats it for now. Thanks for reading

19-08-2010, 19:24
20 Corsairs swift reform 10 wide. Walk up to a unit within 1 inch. Fire 40 Armor Piercing (Banner) shots at 4's into something. They charge you next turn then you stand-and-shoot 40 shots at 4's into them again! If they don't charge you. Shoot them again! lol

19-08-2010, 20:01
Looks like it was a great game Seabo, and happy to see the beastmen adding to the win column :)

19-08-2010, 20:20
/cheer Seabo!

20-08-2010, 19:31
nice one seabo :)
Cygors stone throwing was dissapoiting :(

21-08-2010, 00:45
nice one seabo :)
Cygors stone throwing was dissapoiting :(

This is true lol. My scatterdice are absolutely wretched. Malorian gave em to me....:shifty:

21-08-2010, 17:06
Way to pull out the win vs DoC! If I haven't said it in a while, big fan of your beasts, keep up the rampagin' & reportin' :D

- Salvage

21-08-2010, 20:13
great one Seabo! congrats on the win! :D

21-08-2010, 22:57
A win! Great report Seabo! Maybe next time your Cygor will hit something >.>

23-08-2010, 20:44
nice win, just goes to show the changes brought on by 8th, beasts winning over demons :)

26-08-2010, 13:56
The Herd of Mogrokk had a go at my dwarfs last night, and it was very bloody... on both sides...

Don't want to ruin his report but lets just say the game opened my eyes to the fact that some beastmen units shouldn't be underestimated and some dwarf units shouldn't be overestimated...

26-08-2010, 19:33
Looking forward too it :)
Tobad you guys are over sea's.
Would love to play a game against you guys.

26-08-2010, 19:58
Let me know how your wife does with her Dark Elves.

26-08-2010, 20:27
Skakkiri shook his head wearily as once again the great Doombull stopped and sniffed the air. Every time he did that it seemed another army popped up out of nowhere. At this rate they would be hardpressed to reach the chosen Beastlord in time.
"What now Doomlord?" He asked.
"Men that smell like dirt," Mogrokk rumbled. "Dwarfmen. Many cannons. This may hurt." He laughed, as if he had just made a joke.
Skakkiri sighed. Cannons...joy. On the plus side he had never had Dwarf before. Some said they tasted like chicken....

So same list I used last week vs the dastardly dwarfs of doom! We rolled up a Dawn Attack(?), think thats what its called.
Dwarfy list and batrep coming tonight:D.

26-08-2010, 20:28
Yeah want to play the wifey again here lol but things been kinda hectic lately. She also needs to collect more stuff as fielding a 2k army is pushing her limits of available troops.

26-08-2010, 21:20
lol, lovely piece of fluff there! :D

27-08-2010, 08:00
Take a chicken leg.
Let it soak up beer and dirt for half a decade.

THEN it tastes like dwarf :)

27-08-2010, 18:50
OK so a little late with the report but here goes lol.
I did have a dwarf list but kinda lost it so yeah...from memory.
Dastardly Dwarfs of Doom!!
Lord w/Shieldbearers and Stuff
Thane BSB w/1+ A
40ish Warriors w/Sh
40ish Warriors w/GW
30ish Quarrelers w/GW
GrudgeThrower of S5
20 Miners
18 Hammerers w/FC
2 Cannons
2 Organ Guns

There was terrain yes but the only one that came into play was the Tower in dead center that conferred Hatred on everyone and Frenzy to Evil guys (yaaa).
I'll leave it to Malorians Youtube report for details and setup lol.
Skakkiri took Wildform
Beasts got first turn.
Pregame Thoughts
:eek:....that about sums it. Holy motherbleep thats a lotta dwarfs. I was actually outnumbered...by Dwarfs....joys....
Plan after deployment was to use Gors to hold up the right flank and try clearing the middle with the Minotaurs. Left Flank, consisting of chariots, ungors and cygors wld go warmachine hunting and counter his other warrior block.
Sounds good...in theory.

With a mighty roar everything moves forward.
Wildform is dispelled. In fact it is dispelled every turn so last time I mention magic :p.
Both Cygors launch rocks at the GWwarriors but 1 scatters and the other kills a whopping 2.

Shuffle, shuffle....go figure lol. Shwarriors march forward and Hammerers march up to counter Minos.
Shooting is absolutely hilarious as everything either scatters, overshoots or misfires off target. I maybe took 1 or 2 casualties:D.
I almost felt sorry for Mal.....not!!:evilgrin:

Minotaurs declare charge on the Hammerers. Gors declare charge on Shwarriors but fail miserably.
Ungors move into the central tower and everything else moves up.
Shooting is a bust as both cygors scatter.
Magrokk roars a challenge to which the Champion accepts....*boohiss* total weenie dwarf lord. Poor little champ is splattered to a puddle of goo netting the max 6 overkill, buahahahaha. Dwarf lord kills 2 minos but then the others combine to wipe all but 3 or 4 of the unit.
Stubborn Hammerers, pride of the Dwarf Hold, kin to the King, promptly fail their ld10 roll and run 6". Eager for the kill the minos also run 6 and take them.

I slightly fouled up my movement of my chariots and the GWwarriors attempt a combo charge on 2 of them. I elect to flee but, egged on by the bunker owner who really just wants to see more carnage, I stand.
Miners show up on right flank threatening the Gors.
Shwarriors also move forward, daring the Gors to charge.
In shooting 1 Cygor gets cannonballed to death and then a buttload of minotaurs are dropped by cannons and bolts. In total I think I lost 5. Good thing I took Ironcurse Amulet....not a single 6 rolled....doh!
Chariots are both chopped to splinters...go figure. Dwarfs overrun into last chariot.

Minotaurs charge cannon
Gors elect not to charge and swing back so both miners and Shwarriors are in their front arc.
Ungors pop out of the tower.
Shooting nets nothing.
In combat the chariot is also splintered and the GWwarriors reform to face the surviving Cygor.
Minotaurs devour the cannon crew and reform to face the Quarrelers.

Shwarriors and Miners combo charge Gors.
Gwwarriors charge Cygor.
Quarrelers reform into 5x6ranks facing the Minos.
Shooting takes out another couple Minotaurs.
Cygor is predictably chopped down. Dwarfs reform to face the rear of the Ungors.
In the pivotal combat on the right flank Hurkki declares a challenge and the BSB accepts. Both cause a wound to each other. The Gors, being actually higher initiative, cause bloody carnage and kill boatloads. The response is just as brutal and we actually end up in a dead tie at like 13 or 14CR. Hooray for 8th killy death

Conclusion coming within next day or so.

29-08-2010, 14:07
Well Malorian has his youtube rep up so as you can see I lost:cries:.
Dangnabbit I actually thought I had that game lol.

Postgame Thoughts
Factors that led to my defeat:
-Minotaurs only managing 6 wounds out of 21 attacks against the Quarrelers in turn 4.
-Gors inability to roll higher then 4" for overrun on 2d6. Things may have been much different if I had actually managed to run those warriors down or even charged them on Turn2.
-Ungrol....75pts that I am constantly forgetting about. Really he is kindof a waste of points. really have to drop him.
-2 Cygors....did squat:(. For 275pts I could have another unit of 30 or so Gors w/FC. Really going to have to reassess their usefulness.

Well thats it for now. Thanks for reading:D

29-08-2010, 19:30
To bad about your loss Seabo :(

29-08-2010, 19:57
Seabo you should have finished your report.

1. Not everyone watches youtube reports.

2. Not Everyone reads my reports.

3. It's interesting to hear both sides to see what each was thinking.

29-08-2010, 20:03
Have a point Mal.
I just love Youtube batreps :D. I will see if I can go back and add the last couple turns.
Need to think of what to do for last couple games both tactic wise and fluffwise as well.

29-08-2010, 21:34
Seabo- A lot of times a well written report is emminently preferably to someone droning on about tangents on you tube :) This isn't a slight, just agreeing with Mal :)

29-08-2010, 21:59
I agree as well, I really like both kinds :)

02-09-2010, 11:53
I enjoy your reports Seabo...

Its not that I don't like Mal's dulcet tones (and funny accent ;)) but I enjoy a nice written report + pictures as I read far faster than a youtube report goes and I can read a few reports at work with a cheeky coffee when proteins are purfying/cells are growing in the background...

12-09-2010, 19:33
Ok first off I apologize about not finishing off the batrep like I said I would as, quite frankly, it's been over 2 weeks and my recollections are rather fuzzy of my overall stragtegy even after watching Mals youtube rep:p.
But I do promise that I will write up all the batreps as the thread winds to a close. Rakkashi will be having an outing this week, possibly with Magrokk in tow:D.
Until then tread carefully if you go out in the woods today.....

12-09-2010, 19:39
Why does the thread wind to a close?
I will not have it! :P

15-09-2010, 21:57
Lol the thread will wind to a close because its only for 10 games....
Don worry though I will start up another one :D.
Have a 4k game setup for tonight. Enough to bring both Magrokk and Rakkashi :)

20-09-2010, 01:39
Sorry for no posting of a batrep or anything else since wednesday but things have kinda been turned on their head right now for our family....
Good news is that the chance I had hoped for in another city has finally come through and we are packing our bags and preparing for the move even as I type this :D.
The bad news is that the gamers I have met in FtMac that became friends I doubt I will ever see again as now there will really be no reason to come back :(.
It is rather ironic that this thread is called The Forest Road and that it is winding to a close just as a whole new road has opened for me....totally poetic I think lol.
Rakkashi, Magrokk and all the other characters will return but for now gaming is going to be on the back burner for quite awhile.
Ty everyone for reading my reports and I will return :D

20-09-2010, 07:42
Congrats on having your hopes fulfilled :)

20-09-2010, 10:15
Congratulations and best of luck

20-09-2010, 15:43
Well that's a blow for the Fort McMurray group :(

Do you plan to join one of the clubs in Edmonton?