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29-07-2010, 18:17
Over the last 6 months or so I have been sharing lists and buying up my local stores stock of empire, and now it is nearly complete so I would be grateful to all of you if you could give me some last tips on what I hope to be my 2k final draft and then I will finally get on to playing! :)
The list is themed and I would like to stick to the theme as much as possible. I'm looking for the list to be competitive but not to tournament levels.

Brief Army Background
- Origonates from a large garrisoned town named Shattenburg (literally translates to Shadow Fort) in the province of Ostland.
- Located to the North of the Forest of Shadows near the borders of the Northern Wastes.
- Cold barren region with an unnatural gloom, thought to be in part due to being in the vacinity of the Wastes.
- Town held troops that acted as a first line of defence against raids from the north.
- During the Storm of Chaos soilders and knights were sent to aid Kislev and to protect the Eastern borders of Ostland.
- The twon itself was left with a relitivly small defencive force to ward off the attacks of smaller incursions outside of the Everchosens main armies.
- Town was spared from many attacks but the advancing shadow from the north, following the progress of the armies of the Everchosen brought with it terrors for the people.
- They turned to the remaining religious leaders for an exscape from the nightmares, the highest ranking among them a man named Jospeh Leuthar. He was a man of good intention and a great faith in the God Emperor Sigmar, but he was not incorruptable. He had a disciple named Muto Raban (translates to the Changing Raven).
- After the Storm of Chaos had passed, the remaining troops returned to the Schattenburg to find it silent and devoid of life, in disrepair but far from in ruins.

Lords 206pts (10.3%)
Prophet Luu'thr
Arch Lector
Vann Horstmann's Speculum, Heavy Armour, Sword of Justice, Shield of the Gorgon.

Heroes 308pts (15.4%)
Disciple Muter'aban
Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Ruby Ring of Ruin

Centurio (?)
Captain of the Empire
Full Plate Armour, Shield, Hammer of Judgement

Signifer (?)
Captain of the Empire
Full Plate Armour, Battle Standard, Opal Amulet

Core 906pts (45.3%)
28 Spearmen
Shields, Full Command
10 Crossbowmen, 12 Free Company

28 Spearmen
Shields, Full Command
10 Crossbowmen, 12 Free Company

10 Handgunners

10 Handgunners

10 Archers

Special 463pts (23.2%)
Empire Great Cannon

Empire Great Cannon



5 Outriders

Rare 115pts (5.8%)
Helstorm Rocket Battery

I'm a little worried I've gone OTT with the artillery


29-07-2010, 20:13
With the new rules in 8th edition really in all honesty there is nothing wrong with taking that much artillery. In all reality i feel the arty would help you alot especially against tough armies like chaos and lizardmen. Do realize however if the enemy has flankers or units that can get to your warmachines you have been warned. Other then that it looks good.

29-07-2010, 22:05
Yeh. Scouts/Fast Cav are going to leave you crying... Also, if fighting Skaven the Storm Banner will ruin your day. I think you should probably take another block of CC troops somewhere.

Also, as part of your theme you should fail all Panic! tests. With a name like Shattenburg it really must be a brown-pants-time empire army :D

29-07-2010, 22:42
Ye I was concerned about protecting the artilery though I was thinking of keeping them quite central and using my infantry to block charging directly and to limit scouts from the flanks. Unfortunatly the storm banner ruins any shooty armies day :p

@Paraelix: I though the name was appropriate, it fell nicely into my 3 main themes.
a) Schatten means shadow, suiting the background
b) Its sounds exactly like you pointed out and in the background they appear to have done just that (oh no! a scary cloud!)
c) from a gaming point of view... I hate empire LD tests, LD9 with re-rolls never seems to be enough to stop them kacking it when it really matters :p