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29-07-2010, 21:54
Battle of the Brew House! (Dwarfs vs Deamons)

Halldor Dragoneater, son of the lengendary Grum Dragoneater, had so far done little to live up to his fathers name.

Sure he had his father's powerful axe, the Dragonbane, but other than defending Karak Hirn from a few small raids he had settled no grudges or defeated any greated armies.

This was about to change...

A Dwarfen brewhouse a few miles outside of the Karak Hirn defenses had sent in reports of an incoming deamon army. Now Halldor had always thought that these critical structure should have been closer to the keep, but now he would have to send out his throng to defend it for if it was lost his name would be tarnished forever.

So gathering up his forces Halldor marched out, determined to bravely turn back the deamons in the name of his ancestors or die trying...

My Army:

Rune lord w/ anvil of doom, shield, ro spell breaking X3
(Halldor) Dwarf lord w/ shield bearers, master rune of smiting, 2X rune of cleaving, shield
BSB Thane w/ master rune of gromil, rune of cleaving

50 warriors w/ banner, musician, shields
40 warriors w/ banner, musician, great weapons

20 hammerers w/ full command, shield, master rune of grungi
20 miners w/ full comand, steam drill
Grudge thrower w/ rune of penetrating X2
Cannon w/ rune of burning

Organ gun
Organ gun

Total: 2996

The Deamon Army:

Keeper of secrets (some sort of wizard and no idea on gear)
Lvl 2 herald of tzeentch
Lvl 1 herald of slaanesh
Herald of khorne
(not sure on herald gifts)

29 horrors w/ FC
19 deamonettes w/ FC
19 bloodletter w/ FC

15 seekers
5 flesh hounds plus Karanak
6 screamers

6 flamers

Game: Dawn Attack (random deployment zones)

The board was 6X4 and I had a hill on the left side of my deployment zone, blessed barrier thing just left of my center, and woods on the right. The deamons had the magic ruins on the left side (extra chances to channel) and a town on the right. Then in the very middle of the board was the brewhouse.

I deployed first and had from left to right: cannon on the hill, hammerers w/ lord, organ gun in from of barrier, shield warriors w/ BSB and anvil behind, grudge thrower, organ gun, gyrocopter, *woods*, cannon, great weapon warriors.

Then she deployed from left to right: seekers, hounds behind the ruins, keeper of secrets, flamers, horrors, deamonettes, bloodletters and screamers behind the town.

Gyrocopter vandguarded to be behind the brewhouse and then I won first turn.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

Having that brewhouse in the center of the board meant any dwarf unit within 6 would be unbreakable but at the same time I had forgotten when I moved my gyrocopter up to it that I needed to pass a Ld test on a -3 to move away from it.

The general plan was to use the miners to take out the seekers, take on the hounds and keeper of secrets with my hammerers, engage the horrors with the shield warriors, flank the deamonettes with my great weapon warriors, organ gun the flamers and screamers, and hoprfully avoid the bloodletters altogether.

This would be the deamon players first game while I had already quite a few under my bet, so I had the advantage there, plus I had amazing magic defence, but as always I never took anything for granted against deamons, and I was a bit worried and unsure if my lord could actually beat that keeper of secrets that can now reroll to hit in 8th...

Turn 1 Dwarfs:

Gyrocopter passes the test to leave the brew house and moves between his horrors and his demonettes, hammerers and shield warriors move to the left side of the brewhouse, and the great weapon warriors move up.

Shooting phase didnít do much as a hound caught one of the cannon balls, the other one missed, the grudge thrower misfired, and the organ guns were out of range. Only the anvil did any damage in the form of 1 wound to a flamer.

Note however that I was still fine with this as going first meant my miners would come in sooner plus I got my gyrocopter into position.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Marching tests passed. Seekers move to my left flank, hound run through the ruins and take a wound, and his main line moves up. On the right flank the screamers fly up to my right flank and the bloodletters are stuck. The only way they can get past the town is to enter a building and leave next turn (as I had thought).

Other than making my hammerers stupid (Iím not worried about rerollable Ld 10) the magic phase is shut down.

Turn 2 Dwarfs:

Miners arrive and set themselves up beside the seekers on the hill.

Hammers charge the flesh hounds and the great weapon warriors charge the deamonettes. Now the hammerer one is easily made but the warrior one was a long shot that failed, you see those deamonettes had moved up more than I thought and in the direction of my warmachines rather than my warriors. It would be hard to catch them nowÖ

Shield warriors move up and gyrocopter moves behind the horrors.

Shooting did better as I kill 2 flamers, 6 horrors, 6 deamonettes, and 3 screamers. Finally the anvil sends the miners into the flank of the seekers.

The seekers kill 2 and are wiped out. I issue a challenge which Karanak takes (he had picked my dwarf lord as his prey) and he does no damage to me and I get full overkill from him (man I love his weapon). After combat there is only 2 hounds left and I had only lost 2 hammerers.

Turn 2 Deamons:

I could tell my opponent was a little unsure as to what to do. She had seen the damage my hordes had done in the past and as such she was very worried about that unit of 50 shield warriors. Deciding to concentrate on it she charges it with the horrors while the keeper of secrets moves to one flank and the deamonettes give up on the warmachines to swing around the brewhouse and face the other.

Meanwhile the screamers fly over the right warriors and the cannon, killing a few warriors, and the bloodletters jump out of the house.

Magic phase is shut down.

In combat the hounds are finished off and the victorious hammerers reform to face the keeper of secrets, and my BSB challenges the horror champ but neither can do anything and I win and a couple of horrors fade (damn 4+ ward).

Turn 3 Dwarfs:

I had thought I would have the swift reform the great weapon warriors and move them up to be in range of an anvil charge into the bloodletters, but it turned out I could see the model on the edge and rolled enough to charge them directly.

Hammerers move towards the keeper of secrets, miners swift reform and move towards the flamers, and gyrocopter moves behind the flamers.

Shooting kills a flamer, kills a few more deamonettes, and wipes out the screamers. Then the anvil sends the hammerers into the flank of the keeper of secrets.

The bloodletter/GW warriors combat is bloody with 9 dead dwarfs to 8 dead bloodletters, but I win and they hold. The dwarf lord issues a challenge that the greater deamon has to accept and I then wonder if Iíve made a huge mistake as I realize the keeper of secrets can now reroll to hit (ASF + better init), Iím forced to make five 4+ saves and luckily save three. In return I hit with all four attacks, wound with all four, 2 get past the ward, and 6 wounds later itís a dead greater deamon. Hammerers overrun into the flank of the horrors and the horrors take a massive beating however they at least roll insane courage for their break test.

With the battle obviously lost she throws in the towel.

Victory to the Dwarfs!

Halldor Dragoneater couldnít have been happier: not only had he saved the brewhouse but also he had bested the legendary Karanak and a greater deamon. His father would have been proud.

Now that it was safe the workers of the brewhouse opened the doors and offered all the beer they had to their saviors.

It was a great victory and a even better partyÖ

Post-Game Thoughts:

Well that went well. My cannons failed to do any damage to the keeper of secrets but then my doomsday weapon on the dwarf lord made short work of it (with a good amount of luck).

My opponent wasnít disheartened by the loss as she knew it was her first game and really other than starting the bloodletters behind the buildings rather than in them she really didnít make any glaring errors. (Miners + anvil = they charge whatever they want.)

I really like this list in that it had a good amount of shooting (although I had less in this 3K list than I did in my old 2250 list), some great combat blocks, enough magic defense to block anything I wanted, and finally with both the dwarf lord and the rune lord I had the punch in combat and the tactical advantages of the anvil.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Gabacho Mk.II
30-07-2010, 04:58
Dwarfs will win by 600+pts....


Daemons will table the Dwarfs....

Either one is likely. :D

30-07-2010, 06:43
Dwarf win. there's beer involved, how could they possibly loose?

30-07-2010, 06:52
Dwarfs will win. Ranks, T4 and armour will carry the day.
Good Luck

30-07-2010, 10:35
Im with the dwarfs, because beards and beer rule!!

(and deamons kicked my **** yesterday)

30-07-2010, 12:45
Report is up :)

30-07-2010, 14:03
nice one, that is indeed a doomsday weapon :)

31-07-2010, 08:05
Cool battle! You might have got one thing wrong though. The KoS also has armour piercing iirc so your dwarf lord should only have had a 5+ save, which makes the challenge even more risky. But the risk paid out very well.

31-07-2010, 10:40
The stunties sure bashed some daemon ass in that fight, well done Mal :)

02-08-2010, 17:22
Hey she made it to turn 3!