View Full Version : 1st 2000 TK for 8th

30-07-2010, 17:11
Hey all.

Ive been taking in alot of what been talked about in the
tactics section and so this is my first go at a list and would like some feedback. so here is the list.

Tomb King: Armor of Destiny (heavy armor 4 plus invo), Blade of Setep(no normal armor saves) shield
Tomb prince: Great Weapon ,Collar of Shaesh ( xfer wound on 4 plus, shield, light armor
Liche priest: Casket of souls Brooch(dispel scroll), dispel scroll
Liche priest: Heiratic Jar, Ruby ring of ruin (Fireball pl 3)
20 Skel Archers m/sb
3 Chariots: m, sb (mb Razor Standard- Armor piercing)
2 Tomb Swarms
20 Tomb Guard : m, sb Champion
2 Tomb Scorpion


I know there is an issue with chariots but I wanted to give them a go before shelving them. I may be replacing them with Ushbati, but that would mean droing something else. anyways, thoughts, remarks, comments???