View Full Version : 500 Point Escalation Dark Elves

30-07-2010, 22:27
Hey guys, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding my Dark Elf army I'm starting up for an escalation league with some buddies.

Here is my initial army. (Note that for 500 points we're dropping the 3 unit minimum down to 2)
-Level 1 Sorceress with book of +1 spells (115)
-24 Spearmen, full command (183)
-10 Repeater Crossbowmen (100)
-Reaper Bolt Thrower (100)
Total points - 498

We're going to bump by 250 every X amount of time, so for my first bump I was thinking of adding:
-10 XBowmen (100)
-Bump Sorc to level 2 + book of 1 extra die per magic (+45)
-Then add either 7 Dark Riders or 6 Cold ones.

How do these seem for two tiers of lists? And would people recommend adding the Dark Riders or the Cold ones during the point bump?

31-07-2010, 00:59
Id say the dark riders over the cold ones.

01-08-2010, 10:44
That's how I was leaning too, but due to the battalion, I already have CoK. I want to convert Glade Riders + DE Warriors for the Dark Riders so that's a lot more stuff to pick up. Would they be that much more useful to warrant it?