View Full Version : "Expandable" skavens in V8.

31-07-2010, 13:14
Hello, a little question about this rules:
in the FAQ it says "Page 36 – Expendable Delete the last two sentences.", but in the big book it's clear that you haven't got the right to shoot in a close combat.
So how does it works now?

Can you shoot in your own skaven slaves? (the 1st sentence is still valid)
If so, how do you resolve the shooting?

Thanks in advance.

31-07-2010, 17:34
you are still allowed to shoot at enemies engaged in combat with slaves. there is no random distribution, all shots fired go on the unit targeted, which still has to be an enemy unit.

31-07-2010, 18:24
Thanks for the info.

01-08-2010, 00:14
I believe it was to clear up templates technically be randomised onto your own troops instead of hitting who the touch...

01-08-2010, 05:15
The Globies still have the lifew is cheap rule which is identical in wording as expendable

Warlord Gnashgrod
01-08-2010, 05:31
life is cheap on globies isn't the same as expendable now though, since the last 2 sentences got deleted. Personally, I don't understand why they changed that, as now shooting into units in combat with skavenslaves is even better than before, unless the shooting is from globadiers, that is.

But yeah, as I read it, the shots only hurt the enemy unit, none hit the skavenslaves.

01-08-2010, 15:43
But yeah, as I read it, the shots only hurt the enemy unit, none hit the skavenslaves.
Doesn't really capture the spirit of the rule anymore though does it? Once I have my Skaven army underway (hurry up Island of Blood!) I will probably randomise anyway as it's just the more Skaven way :)

01-08-2010, 22:19
I meant that the rule still affects the globies and even tho it HAD identical wording the slaves rule has disapeared. Was implying a strange choice to change one but not the other but it is Hard to get that from what i wrote tho haha.

Yeah I really dont understand the logic of getting rid of that part of expendable, i always had alot of fun jezzailing my own slaves. oh well

Warlord Gnashgrod
01-08-2010, 23:35
I know what you mean. I really don't know why they changed it at all. It seems more fair to me to have the shots still randomized.

Not that I won't play it the new way though....after all, I AM a treacherous Skaven!