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Desert Rain
31-07-2010, 16:11
Today I played a game against my Wood Elven friend at 2000 points. Since it was a while ago I did a battle report I decided to do one for this game. We rolled the Battleline scenario with 7 pieces of terrain which we laid out as in the picture.

Battlefield (http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/4094/battlefieldn.jpg)

High Elves
(Illyria) Archmage: L.4, Staff of Solidity, Talisman of Preservation, Lore of Heavens
(Cyriel) Noble: Great Weapon, BSB, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

23 Spearmen: Full Command, War Banner
10 Archers
14 Sea (Maiden) Guards: Full Command, Shields

14 Swordmasters: Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Talisman of Loec
15 White Lions: Full Command
5 Dragon Princes
1 Tiranoc Chariot

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower
1 Great Eagle

Wood Elves
(Alohnea) Spellweaver: L.4, Lore of Life
(Ithelia) Spellweaver: L.3, Hail of Doom Arrow, Lore of Beasts

10 Glade Guards: Standard
10 Glade Guards: Standard
8 Glade Riders: Standard
15 Dryads
15 Dryads

6 Treekins

1 Treeman

Illyria: Harmonic Convergence, Wind Blast, Urannon's Thunderbolt, Chain Lightning

Alohnea: Flesh to Stone, Throne of Vines, Shield of Thorns, Regrowth
Ithelia: Wyssan's Wildform, The Amber Spear, Transformation of Kadon

Pre-game Thoughts
Facing 2 lord-level mages in a 2000 points game felt pretty scary, especially when one of them can turn into a big monster, thankfully though I have a +5 to all my dispel rolls. Facing 2 big Dryad units as well as a large Treekin unit and a Treeman meant that my close combat infantry were a bit hard pressed, especially since I had neither magical or flaming attacks on anything. I had to rely on my BSB to help to hold the line, and against those fear and terror tests while I try to weaken him with shooting and magic.

I won the roll to pick sides and went with the one to the right in the battlefield picture above. I planned to use the Fimir Swamp and the Impassable Stone to protect my flanks.
I deployed as follows, the RBT can't be seen in the picture.

RBT - Sea Guard with Illyria - Archers - Swordmasters - Spearmen with Cyriel - Chariot - White Lions - Great Eagle - Dragon Princes

High Elves Deployment (http://img44.imageshack.us/i/hedeploy.jpg/)

The Wood Elves deployed like this:
Glade Riders - Archers with Alohnea - Treeman - Dryads - Treekin (behind Dryads) - Dryads - Archers with Ithelia

Wood Elves Deployment (http://img841.imageshack.us/i/wedeploy.jpg/)

Deployment Overview (http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/158/deployment1.jpg)

The generals were Illyria for the High Elves and Alohnea for the Wood Elves.

The battle report will appear soon.

Desert Rain
31-07-2010, 19:46
Turn 1
Wood Elves
My opponent won the roll to go first and moves up with his whole army. The Glade Guards being the only ones that doesn't march, they just move forward 5" so that they can reach their targets with their longbows.

The Winds of Magic blow strongly over the battlefield, giving the Wood Elves 9 Power Dice and 6 Dispel Dice to the High Elves. Alohnea starts by casting Shield of Thorns on her own unit of Glade Guards, which I let through. She then casts Throne of Vines which is dispelled. Flesh to Stone is cast on the Dryads to my left and finally Ithelia casts The Amber Spear against my Repeater Bolt Thrower, which Illyria dispels.

In the shooting phase both units of Glade Guards fire at my Swordmasters, which only looses one model thanks to both lucky armour saves on my part and bad luck on my opponents part. The Glade Riders manage to kill the Great Eagle though.

High Elves
I open my first turn my declaring a charge with my Dragon Princes into the Glade Riders, they stand & shoot but fails to kill any elven knights, I also manage to roll high enough for my charge distance
The rest of my army, apart from the Sea Guard and the Archers moves up about 8" and wheels a bit to tempt the Wood Elves to charge them.

End of the High Elves movement phase (http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/8600/hemovement1.jpg)

The Winds of Magic blow poorly and only gives my 5 power dice, including the roll from the Banner of Sorcery, while my opponent gets 4 dispel dice thanks to some successful channelling. Illyria uses all of the five dice to cast Chain Lightning on the dryads to my left, but Alohnea manages to dispel it.

In the shooting phase I fire everything against the Glade Guards to my left which are joined by Alohnea. Six Glade Guards die from the High Elven arrows, and the rest flees thanks to a double six on their panic test, and unfortunately they flee 11" which is just enough to take them of the battlefield.

In the close combat phase (feels strange to have one of them in the first turn) the Dragon Princes kills 7 Glade Riders. The survivor fails to kill anyone in return proceeds to flee and be run down by the High Elven elites who end up next to the Wood Elven genera's unit of Glade Guard.

End of Turn 1 (http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/971/endturn1.jpg)

Turn 2
Wood Elves
The Wood Elves declare charges with everything but Alohnea's Glade Guard. Unfortunately though the Dryads to my left fail their charge, which means that the Treekin that where behind them no longer can charge the Swordmasters. In the centre the Dryads to my right reaches the Spearmen joined by Cyriel, which holds. The Treeman fails to reach the White Lions, who are caught up in the same combat as Cyriel's Spearmen. Alohnea's Glade Guards makes a 5" wheel so that they all can see the Dragon Princes.

In the magic phase the Winds of Magic once again blows strong giving the Wood Elves 10 power dice and the High Elves 6 dispel dice. Alohnea opens the magic phase by casting Throne of Vines which is dispelled by Illyria. Unfortunately when Alohnea attempts to cast Flesh to Stone on the Dryads in combat with the Spearmen and the White Lions she gets irresistible force, and gets sucked into the Realm of Chaos...

In the shooting phase the Glade Guards manage to kill 2 of the Dragon Princes.

Close combat sees Cyriel, the Spearmen and the White Lions kill 3 Dryads and loosing 5 Spearmen and 2 White Lions in return. I loose the combat but manage to hold thanks to Cyriel's Ld9.

End of Wood Elves Turn 2 (http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/4006/we2.jpg)

High Elves
The Swordmasters and the Tiranoc Chariot both charges the Dryads that tried to charge them earlier. On the other side of the battlefield the Dragon Princes makes a 16" long wheel so that they are facing the rear of the Wood Elven army.

In the magic phase the Winds of Magic gives me 7 power dice and the Wood Elves gets 6 dispel dice. I try to push the Treeman away from my White Lions so that it is less likely to successfully charge them in the Wood Elves next turn. to accomplish that Illyria casts Wind Blast on it which successfully moves the Treeman 2" backwards...
She then attempts to cast Chain Lightning on the Treeman, which the Wood Elves fail to dispel. The lightning strikes the Treeman, and takes 2 wounds from it. However, it fails to jump to the Archers that's standing next to it.

In the shooting phase everything fires at the Treeman, which doesn't loose a single wound.

In close combat the Swordmasters and the Tiranoc Chariot manages to kill a lot of Dryads, but they loose 4 Swordmasters in return. The Dryads loose the combat and flees 2" and are cut down by the pursuing Swordmasters who then reform to face the flank of the Treekin. The Chariot ends up only a couple of inches away from the Treekin.
In the other combat I kill of a lot of Dryads and looses another 4 spearmen. My opponents bad luck strikes again and this unit also flees 2"...
The Spearmen ends up in front of the angry Treekin while the White Lions ends up in combat with the Treeman.

End of Turn 2 (http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/3556/he2v.jpg)

Turn 3
Wood Elves
The Treekin declares a charge on the Tiranoc Chariot which flees, but the Treekin gets enough movement to end up in combat with the Spearmen instead. The Glade Guards moves inside the building that is next to them, and that concludes the movement phase.

With neither magic nor shooting we jump straight to close combat in which the White Lions manages to wound the Treeman, but it kills 7 of them thanks to thunderstomp which does 6 wounds! Thanks to Stubborn I manage to hold though.
In the other combat the Treekin loose a couple of wounds and kills 8 spearmen in return, I loose by 5 but manages to hold by rolling a 4 for my break test.

High Elves
The Swordmasters charges into the flank of the Treekin and the Dragon Princes charges the Treeman. The Archers moves 5" across the barricade so that they are in range of the Glade Guards in the building. Illyria and her Maiden Guards marches 10" so that she can reach the Glade Guards with her damaging spells.

In the magic phase I get 10 dice versus my opponents 6. Unfortunately Illyria fails to cast a boosted version of Harmonic Convergence and the magic phase unceremoniously ends.

End of the High Elves movement phase (http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/9061/he3c.jpg)

In the shooting phase the Archers luckily manages to kill 2 of the Glade Guards that are hiding in the building.

In close combat I deal a lot of wounds to the Treekin and loose quite a few models myself. In the end the Treekin loose, flee and are run down. The Treeman on the other hand continues its killing spree, leaving just the Guardian, the Standard Bearer and two Dragon Princes alive. It still looses combat but manages to hold thanks to being stubborn.

End of Turn 3 (http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/1374/he3end.jpg)

Turn 4
Wood Elves
The Glade Guards in the building manages to shoot the last two spearmen in the shooting phase.

In close combat the Treeman kills the Standard Bearer and a Dragon Prince, takes a wound in return, looses and flees. At this point my opponent concedes.

Game Over (http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/4707/gameoverq.jpg)

Post-game Thoughts.
First of all, games in 8th edition are quick! Perhaps a bit to quick since I used to enjoy the rather long games on 6th and 7th edition. My opponent's luck in this game was horrible, something that I think contributed a lot to his defeat. Especially loosing both of his mages so early on. Mistcast protection is really important with the new edition and I think that he's going to take the staff from the BRB that protects you against miscasts in the future. It was a fun game, and we are going to have a rematch soon, and then he says that he will bring a better army so we'll see how it goes then.

dustin harnois
31-07-2010, 23:00
high elves are extremely awesome in this edition and to be honest im not too suprised... I hope i can get a game in soon to fight against a high elf player with my orcs! Good game!

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
01-08-2010, 00:41
Losing both wizards within the first few turn was a real same, especially since after looking at the armies WE had a really decent chance this game: you troops are all pretty close to that "front rank +4" point where they lose stubbron, no magical attacks, and limited options on how to take out the big guys.

Oh, well. Did you use the talismon of Loec that game, I don't think I've ever seen it put onto a unit champion before?

Desert Rain
01-08-2010, 09:13
Losing both wizards within the first few turn was a real same, especially since after looking at the armies WE had a really decent chance this game: you troops are all pretty close to that "front rank +4" point where they lose stubbron, no magical attacks, and limited options on how to take out the big guys.
Yeah, he was extremely unlucky in this game, especially with loosing all his magic so soon. I also felt that he had good army, and mine wasn't exactly a great one to begin with so it could have been a close game if it hadn't been for his terrible luck.

Oh, well. Did you use the talismon of Loec that game, I don't think I've ever seen it put onto a unit champion before?
I didn't get a chance to use it in this game, but I almost always take it on a Bladelord. With his A3, WS6 and S5 he can, with the help of the talisman, kill enemy heroes pretty easily, or put 3 wounds on monstrous creatures. One time he has even killed a Vampire Lord with it!

01-08-2010, 11:33
Thank you for posting the battle report, I enjoyed reading it!

02-08-2010, 14:57
Thanks a lot for the report desert Rain. I haven't played 8th ed yet (soon hopefully) but it does look like the games end much quicker. Whilst 7th ed could be accused of long drawn out combats thats much less the case now, possibly too much so, it seems.

Crazydu used the talisman of Loc on a blade master recently and straight out killed the bretonnian batle standard bearer. It's a lethal item.