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31-07-2010, 16:34
So my beastmen were wondering about, around Games to Die Four in INDY. 2250 point game

They came across some empire troops with the following:
Arch lector of sigmar on chariot, wizard lord, warrior priest of sigmar, battle wizard, captin of empire, master engineer, state troops with halberds 38 models
knightly orders 8 models, 2x great cannons, 2x helstorm rockets, 10 crossbowmen, 10 hand guns?

My Warherd was:
beastlord, warogr BSB, 2x level two bray-shamans, giant, 4x minotars with great weapons, warhounds 10x, raiders two groups of 10, gors- 40 models
gors- 30 models, ungor- 15 models, 7 harpies

The only thing that made it back to the empire was the 8 knights and a great cannon. Everything else ended up dead. I lost a giant and the warhounds.

We did free for all mission. No speical terrian rules. We did a Narrative game and he was defending a church on the table from my beast men who wanted it taken down.
Round one- some movement both sides. Gaint takes 4 wounds from great cannons

Round two- some magic. harpies assualt the crossbow men and get shot in face (all 7 die). Giant dies to great cannon shots.

Round three- lots of movement some shooting some magic kills for both sides.

Round four- my minotars/ungors charge one great cannon, crossbowmen and some state troops? I win combat and break the crossbow men which flee to the edge of the table but not off. Great cannon is destoryed. State troops run off board. My ungors run down fleeing models and runs into a rocket battery and minators into the rallied crossbow men.

Round 5- his halbreds charge my 30 man mob of gors (no heroes or BSB in my unit. He has BSB in his and then his general) He kills 12 gors I strike back and do 21 kills. He does not break do to some magic spell (unbreakable). Also my raiders manage to hurt his chariot with the arch lector of sigmar on it. Also crossbow men are finished off by Minotars and rocket is hurt by ungors.

Round six- he charges his 8 knights into the gors/halbred combat (hitting nothing even with the horses) I lose 2 he loses 11 halbreads? He has magic on him still so he is unbreakable. His chariot with lector charges my raiders which then shoot it out from under the lector of sigmar. Which then the charge fails. rocket battery wiped out by ungors

Round seven- My gors finish off the halbreds. knights break and flee. the lector is run down by the raiders (he charged in his phase and broke when the failed leadership needing double ones) last rocket is attacked and killed. Church comes down.

Game points/Leasons learned:
-Large blocks of troops win the game. peroid.
-Primial fury is a must not forget thing.
- Raiders are worth their points.
-One unit of gors with beastlord/bsb/bray shamon never reached combat once.
-30 beast gors take the game by killing 38 halbreds and making two other units run off.
-Chaos hounds have good fluff but not sure about fielding them in the future as all they do is run off.
-Remember that you can not move through your own units.
-Large charac. are not winning the games but drawing fire for my gors to get in close.
-Charging is not important since it is Int based. Just get into combat to neglict any shooty army.
-Magic is only good for a turn or two before the armies run into each other. Also that magic tends not to be a big difference in the game.
-Important lesson learned in 8th. If you do to many wounds to a unit and there are IC's in the unit the Wounds do not carry over. This happend in the halbred and gor combat when 16 wounds that I did to him could not go on the IC's because of this. However, if you target some of your combat against the IC's then they can take wounds and those wounds can carry over to the unit. Weird rule?
-Movement trays for 10 wide 4-5 deep a must.
-Narrative games are great fun.
-8th ed rules. Very fast to play and very fun. took about an hour for his game.

I understand that some things might have been left out. However, this is being written from memory and I am very tired.
Thanks to Jerry and his crew for hosting me and the great games played today.
Comments welcomed.

31-07-2010, 19:05
Good job bringing down that church of Sigmar. I take it you defacated excessively both inside and outside it :p

-Magic is only good for a turn or two before the armies run into each other. Also that magic tends not to be a big difference in the game.

Opinions differ alot here. A guy on herdstone runs a list with a lvl 4 with shadow and two lvl 1's with the signature beast spell. He claims magic is very very powerful. You can check it out here (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/index.php?showtopic=20684).

Also, well done by the gors, killing so many halberdiers. I like them but they seem to die in droves for me. I guess you run them with extra hand weapons?
I use them naked when I run them in horde formation to save points.

01-08-2010, 05:05
Of course. Before I lit it on fire and danced on the ashes.

01-08-2010, 05:07
They do die in hordes. I just got done with two games vs WOC tonight. Post those battles soon. Sometimes it is a good distraction so my minos can get into the fight. They can't fight both units at once most of the time.
Yes I run one group with HW/Sh and the other with Two HW.