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31-07-2010, 21:32
Well my copy of AE Bounty arrived a few days ago, I'd been waiting a long time so it was nice to finally have it in my hands. So I thought I'd do a quick review and battle report.
The book is full colour A5 sized with 100 pages. The A5 size is nice as there is less tabletop taken up by rulebooks!
If you've played AE WWII the I understand that the rules mechanics work pretty much the same way. They are a simple yet elegant skirmish ruleset, with alternative activation. In the basic rules there is nothing all that new, but it's in the force construction that the rules really shine. Here there are a number of different templates to build your crew around, ranging from the small, but elite 'two man teams' through the veteran and standard templates to the large crews. These templates tell you how many veteran, regular and green choices you are allowed, and after choosing whether you want Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries or Pirates you're ready to start filling out these templates. Each option allows for a variety of different equipment choices (pistols, Rifles, SMGs, special equipment, etc), but what you choose from those choices is freely open. Also each choice can then be modified by adding an alien type to it, sometimes altering it's profile or giving other options. With the different crews available you can as few as 1 model and upto 18 models in a crew. You're also able to choose from a number of 'Dirty Tricks', these allow you to gain some sort of tactical advantage such as gaining the initiative, getting extra equipment, laying an IED.
Another nice thing with the rules are the missions, each missions has a primary objective (rescue the VIP, annihilate the opposition, etc), and each crew has a secondary and faction objective. All these different objectives means that few games will ever be the same. Also include are rules for fighting on board spaceships, with zero gravity and rapid decompression rules. The rule book also contains a simple campaign system, not quite the level of the likes of Necromunda, but reasonable enough.
Another review can be found here:

But I figured that a short game and maybe a battle report might help too (pictures are never a bad thing) Here's the two crews both made with the standard crew template:

A Bounty Hunter crew, With a Hero gunfighter, a bit of heavy support and a few grunts. All Bounty Hunter options are single figures, so the highest number of Bounty Hunters you're going to get is 6. Small, but tough seems to be the name of the game.

A Mercenary crew. A few more minis this time. With a Hero warrior leader, a bit of heavy support, a few grunts and two assault guys.

The mission was a chance encounter, with two options deployed on the table and others coming on one at time on a table edge.

Here we have deployment from the Bounty Hunter's viewpoint:

and again from the Mercenaries viewpoint:

The two crews moved up to each other, the few shots that were fired were largely ineffective.

After a few turns the reinforcements started to arrive, the the heavies from both crews advancing in the open to get good lines of fire trusting in their armour (wisely enough it turns out). The Mercenary's assault team moves up to move through the building, meanwhile lots of shots are traded and the Mercenary sergeant manages to wound the lizard looking bounty hunter.

Now things start to get interesting - the merc heavy opens fire on the wounded bounty hunter taking him down. The mercs then move their models up through the large central building.

The Bounty Hunter heroine backs off from the building as the merc assault team burst through the door, she gets shot at and suppressed by the Merc sergeant and later runs for cover of the nearby police car.

Where she then gets charged by the merc assault team and gets wounded. meanwhile the heavies trade shots and are unable to bet each other's armour.

Until the Bounty Hunter heavy chooses instead to take out the merc heavy's green friends, denying him the chance to rapidly reload his weapon. The Bounty Hunter Heroine takes out the assault team, whilst the merc sergeant moved up to help them out leaving him standing in the open.

Where he promtly receives a head shot from the bug eyed bounty hunter taking him out. The Merc crew's drive drops to 0 and they route. The Bounty Hunters are left in command of the field and more scum are off the the penal mines of Amman IV.

Hope you like it,

31-07-2010, 23:02
Great wee review and battle report.

This is a game I did really like the sound of when I heard about it during development, skirmish games are great but with such a massive level of customisation avaliable it does take it to a whole nother level.

Could you give some more details about the campaign system? While I do love the scale of the systems present in the likes of Necromunda and Mordheim, both those sets do suffer from the fact that you gain experience rediculously quickly making advances less special I think.

So if the one in Bounty is smaller but more extended, or even just a good base for writing up some slightly more in depth and controled ones that would be a great extra on top of what's already sounding like a very fun system both in character creation and playing.

01-08-2010, 11:21
The campaign system is rather simple, not as extensive as necromunda or mordenheim, and experience point shave to be used to replace casualties as well, so if things go badly your not to get very far, whilst if things go better, then it might be possible to advance a bit. I doubt though that you'd end up with a marine killer after 10 small games like you can in necromunda (if necromundan gangs are so damn tough why don't they just enlist the whole damn planet!). However darkson has mentioned that something more in depth.

I think Bounty has a lot of potential for further development with more races, weapons, crews, etc. I'm really looking forwards to seeing it's development.
Hope that answered your question?

01-08-2010, 17:48
Wartent ate my post.

Thanks that answers my question perfectly. I really like the sound of it, especially the potential for things to go horribly wrong, characters always seem to come to life more when that happens.

The only thing I need to think about now is do I wait for a UK/EU supplier to get some copies or do I just go ahead and order direct from Darkson.

01-08-2010, 18:56
Arcane Miniatures are going to stock it apparently, so give them an email then and ask them to set a copy aside for you.

01-08-2010, 19:12
Arcane Miniatures are going to stock it apparently, so give them an email then and ask them to set a copy aside for you.

Red Scorpion
09-08-2010, 20:00
Thanks for the review - the pictures from the battle report are great! Any chance you have a blog/plog where I can see more pics?

10-08-2010, 14:17
Here's some WIPs of my table:
It was originally for some rules I was working on myself, but after the release of AE Bounty, I they are going in to deep freeze, but luckily the table has many uses!
I'm currently building another board and you can follow the WIPs here:
Hope that helps?

18-08-2010, 11:56
The only thing I need to think about now is do I wait for a UK/EU supplier to get some copies or do I just go ahead and order direct from Darkson.

I ordered my copy through Amazon. Maybe try there. :)

Nice little book, BTW, and something I look forwards to gaming with in due course.

19-08-2010, 06:01

That's quite a surprise I must say. Wouldn't have thought of looking there.

I'll be ordering it soonish then.

If I like the rules I'll be trying to bend them to fit as many settings as possible, not just Scifi.

21-08-2010, 07:05
Sounds like a good idea. Plus the core mechanics of AE Bounty are the same as AE-WWII so they should be pretty compatible (even if the forces are exactly equal matches)