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01-08-2010, 01:16

I started playing Warhammer Fantasy around 12 years ago. Dwarves were my first faction as I have always liked Dwarves the best out of all fantasy races. However, they ended up not being my favorite play style. I thought they were too static. So while I loved the lore, models and general "feel" of the army I moved on. Dark Elves became my mainstay along with Beastmen.

I played it regularly for many years but about 5 years ago I joined the military. Through multiple moves, deploying to Iraq, and training I kind of stopped playing. I recently saw that 8th came out and bought the book, which started a burning desire to get back into the game. And with the random charges I feel that a Dwarf Army can bring together both my love of Dwarves along with my love of tactical maneuvering.

Here is my first attempt at a list. I haven't played in a while (though I did read some battle reports on here to help me construct) so let me know where you think I am in error. I realize that a lot of lists get posted here and it gets tiring answering all of them so I appreciate all responses.

2500 Pts - Dwarfs Roster


Dwarf Lord @ 269 pts (General)
Great Weapon (Master Rune of Kragg the Grim; Rune of Cleaving x1; Rune of Fire)
Runic Armor (Rune of Preservation; Rune of Resistance; Rune of Stone)
Runic Talisman (Rune of the Furnace)

Thane (Battle Standard Bearer) @ 220 pts
Runic Standard (Master Rune of Valaya; Rune of Guarding)

Runesmith @ 109 pts
Great Weapon
Runic Armor (Rune of Stone)
Runic Talisman (Rune of Spellbreaking x1; Rune of the Furnace)

Master Engineer @ 89 pts
Great Weapon; Brace of Pistols
Runic Armor (Rune of Stone)


30 Dwarf Warriors @ 355 pts
Full Command
Great Weapons; Shield

20 Longbeard Rangers @ 320 pts
Great Weapon; Throwing Axe

15 Quarrellers @ 195 pts
Great Weapons


22 Hammerers @ 336 pts
Full Command
Runic Standard (Rune of Determination)

15 Miners @ 200 pts
Prospector; Steam Drill

Grudge Thrower @ 135 pts
Rune of Accuracy; Rune of Burning; Rune of Penetrating x1

1 Cannon @ 130 pts
Rune of Burning; Rune of Forging


1 Gyrocopter @ 140 pts

Total Roster Cost: 2500 on the nose