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grimgors battle buddy
01-08-2010, 19:17
Here goes my first foray into the realms of man.

Arch Lector, meteroric iron, righteous steel and VHS 210 points
Wizard lord, EL, Rod of Power, Aldreds casket (Lores of life/fire depending on opponent) 275 points

Wizard EL Ring of volans 130

3 x 10 Handgunners champ with Hochlands 315
10 Huntsmen 100
20 flaggellants Prophet 210
30 swordsmen f/c 205
5 outriders champ with GLB 121
2 cannons 200
1 hellblaster 115
1 hellstorm 110

I think this is around 1980 points

I have played three games won twice and drew the third, i tend to stay back blasting away and then finishing stuff off with my ninja flagellants hopefully at ws and i 10 from my basic wizard

Faith in Sigmar and black powder and thy enemies shall flee from thou!