View Full Version : 3K High Elves for Hard Boys, Opinions wanted.

01-08-2010, 20:09
General, Great Weapon, Armor of Silvered Steel, Vambraces of Defense


BSB, Great Weapon, Armor of Caledor, Dawn Stone

Level 2, Lore of Light, Feedback Scroll

Level 2, High Magic, Anullian Crystal

Level 2, Lore of Life, Seer Staff of Saphery, Throne of Vines, Regrowth

22 Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields, Banner of Eternal Flame

22 Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields

10 Archers

15 Phoenix Guard
Banner, Musician, Banner of Sorcery

15 Phoenix Guard
Banner, Musician, Banner of Arcane Protection

15 White Lions
Full Command, Banner of Discipline

Break Down:
I think this army is good to great in all phases, and can adapt pretty well to different opponents.

My reasoning for the Prince, is that I wanted a General who could survive better than Teclis.

I also notice that I have an incredibly powerful Dispel Phase, +5 to Dispel with them losing a dice, and me gaining one is hard to deal with. I would have liked to have a Vortex Crystal to deal with opposing Teclis, but I settled for a Feed Back Scroll.

I do notice that I am short on speed, and I don't know how to deal with that, I believe I will be forced to simply use magic to recover from enemy shooting, or use Teclis and the other caster to cast Briora's Time Warp.

01-08-2010, 21:54
Well, i would list techlises lore to start off with. Life would be good. And the one with life already you either keep with that (he can still have the lore because teclis has the loremaster ability), or lore of metal for armies like dwarf gunlines and chaos warrior armies.

I would combine the phoiniex guard into 30, 6x5 for the unlimate hammer unit.

And i would give the bsb guardian phoiniex instead of dawnstone. He needs a wardsave just incase he comes against something high strength or ingoreing armour saves.


01-08-2010, 22:20
i dont think that 3lvl 2s and teclis will work out that well you get a max of 12 dice and you want to try to use most with teclis because of his IF rule and misscast rules but he is now shareing with 3 other mages who want to cast aswell? i think it will be to hard to spead out your power dice that way maybe just teclis and one lvl2 or maybee 2 and spend the rest of your points to cover upi the lack of speed a chariot or dragon princes if your willing to make a few cuts

02-08-2010, 17:50
Agreed with Temakador, you have WAY to many mages in this army. I honestly would drop all of them except teclis and maybe keep one lvl. 2 mage with a more destructive/mass direct damage lore, give Teclis lore of Life. With your remaining points id put either more men into your Phoenix Guard or White Lion Units or even pick up some eagles or bolt throwers to take care of those hard hitting units.

03-08-2010, 23:11
Actually, 4 mages is way too many. Considering you would get 7+D6+D3 (Teclis, banner of sorcerey). But, with the cap at 12, and alot of spells to cast, your not gonna do much.