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02-08-2010, 00:55
Alright, so my father and I are about finished a Bretonnia vs Vampire Counts game and a major question popped up.

The situation involved the VC player in combat with a unit of ghouls and a unit of black knights against a large unit of Men-at-arms . This combat was LOST and the Vampire side was defeated by a -3 margin (in combat resolution). However, that -3 margin was made up of ONLY crypt ghoul loses, whilst no black knights were harmed, themselves

Now, because 1) BOTH units are unstable 2) the black knight unit and the ghoul unit were DEFEATED (as a complete Vampire Counts side) in the multiple combat and 3) The book says that the each losing unit must be harmed by unstable

the question is: Must the vampire count player suffer 3 wounds (due to the complete -3 loss) on EACH of the losing units. Or Is the VC player simply allowed to allocate three wounds between whichever of the two units he chooses?

From my point of view, I could see it go either way: first, if he was forced to apply the overall defeat to each unit that lost, (both the black knights and the ghouls) then one problem would be that the much stronger Black Knights are being gravely harmed simply because the ghouls were hacked at and caused the VC side to lose... and is that fair? I'm not sure. It's very devestating, if this is how Unstable is to be played, and it would make multiple combats a no-no for VC players.

Alternatively however, when a regular Break Test is failed for any other army, the book states that EACH unit must take a break test that is on the losing side, even if they themselves werent harmed in the fight-- so maybe Unstable combat losses DO require each unit to suffer the amount by which their side lost the combat? That only seems equal when looking at Break Tests... Although granted, the two are NOT the same thing by any means...

Anyway, how would you recommend handling a Multiple combat wherein there are two completely different Unstable Units, who have lost the combat as a single side? Are they to EACH suffer wounds by the score they lost, or can the wounds be split up between the different units

02-08-2010, 01:06
Both units take 3 wounds... Same as ever.

Normal units don't get to divy up the modifier to their Ld, so why would you divy out wounds? :/

Lord Inquisitor
02-08-2010, 01:09
Yes, the black knights would suffer the wounds.

Look at it this way, if they were normal units, they'd both take a ld-test at -3, even though the casualties were all on one unit. Unstable just replaces the test modifier with wounds taken.

02-08-2010, 01:50
Alright, being the Bretonnian player-- it was impossible to attempt to explain this-- :P My dad thought it was far too harsh! Thanks gents!