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Brother Alexos
02-08-2010, 04:38
Hello, fellow warseers.

I want to write a novel for Black library, and after reading about their submissions entry thing, I decided to take a crack at it.

This story focuses on Morgog Gofgrim, and his feral orc tribe. This story takes place in the Warhammer Fantasy world, and it talks about how Morgog and his tribe go from Feral Southland Orcs to Bolt-Twangin', Rock lobbin', spear chukkin' North Orcs!

They will take up a few 'Not-boyz' along the way, though.

This is the beginning of the first chapter, C&C is pleaded for, as I want this to shine when I send it to the Black Library.


In the Southland jungles; seasons never change. Underneath the dense foliage, day and night blend seamlessly together, and time loses all meaning. Empires and champions rise and fall each day. Monstrous things stake claims to the land one day, and are gone the next. It is little wonder that a man could go lost in this dense, unforgiving flora.
But the fear of beoming lost isn't the reason this place is feared. Horrible monsters and mad machinations prowl the gloomy depths of the forest, eager to end the torment of insanity in a tide of blood. The trees themselves seek fresh, warm bodies to sink their roots into. Raving Beastmen, savage Humans, and Orcs infest the Jungle like a disease. Only the toughest inhabitants have a chance of surviving a world where every day is a challenge to their existence.

Perfect for an Orc.

Packs of Greenskinned, muscle-bound monsters roam the land in packs, hooting and hollering as they look for fresh things to kill. Loosely-bordered tribes dot the jungle, and greenskins dominate the land. In a society where status, and privilige are dictated by near-constant fighting, the Orcs can actually call the jungles Home. These savage, repressed greenskins go by their life without the lores of Metalworking that almost every other race clings to, and can survive on nothing but clubs and brute strength.

Orcs value fighting, and war, above all things in life. To them, war proves who is the toughest, and who has the right to live. Orcs don't care who they fight, or how they fight, as long as they're fighting. To this end, the Orcs of the Southlands fight bitter wars amongst each other, each warboss trying to outdo the last.