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Elma Fudd
02-08-2010, 12:14
Morning/Afternoon all,
This is the daemon list that i plan on taking for 8th Ed. and would like to know what everyone thinks.

Keeper with soul hunger, torment blade and lv1 480pts

Skulltaker 150pts
herald of Slaanesh with torment blade 95pts
herald of Tzeentch with Lv2 and master of sorcery (using either fire or life) 140pts

20x Daemonettes w/ full command 270pts
20x Bloodletters w/ full command 270pts
20x Pink Horrors 240pts

5x Seekers w/ standard bearer 132pys

3x Bloodcrushers w/ standard 230pts

2,007pts total

The plan is as simple as elite armies get; Daemonettes, Horrors and Bloodletters in centre with Bloodcrushers and Keeper as support. Seekers hunt war machines and missile units.

I am still unsure what lore to use, life is good for defensive upgrades, to counteract the T3 across the army, but fire works well for offensive upgrades to make them that bit more nasty. So the question is, Minimize weakness or Maximize Strengths?

02-08-2010, 16:24
Well, im a total noob myself, but remember that skulltaker dosent give his unit hatred like a normal khorne herald. thats my 2 cents anyways

02-08-2010, 19:42
Fire is boring and most the spells are ineffective once combat is reached. Take a lore full of buff spells.