View Full Version : Champions in challenges; forests; charging warmachines

02-08-2010, 14:50
Hello guys,

I'd like your oppinion on the following: according to the rulebook, wounds inflicted on a unit carry over on a champion, albeit he is the last to die. What happens if he is in a challenge. Do wounds still carry over onto him? In the challenges part it only says, models in challenges can't be attacked by others, but this is clearly something else.

One question regarding forests. If a forest turns out to be a wildwood, you get to roll for the dmg at the end of each movement phase, right? So a unit will be affected twice if it ends its move in such a forest and then doesnt move outside of its movement phase, yes?

There is a contradiction in the rulebook regarding measuring when warmachines are involved. It says you measure to the "body" of the machine for all purposes except shooting where u measure from the muzzle. I would assume you measure to the body for the purposes of charges. However, the picture shows the unit charging the muzzle. So, do you measure to the body and are placed at the muzzle, or should u measure to the muzzle where you will be eventually placed anyways (if you succeed with the charge ofc)?

Thanx for the answers in advance.