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02-08-2010, 20:15
The last QA in the rulebook FAQ had me wondering just when a model counts as having multiple locations, as I couldn't find a solid definition in the rulebook

I know ridden monsters quite clearly have multiple locations, but what about things like chariots?

The main reason I ask is because of the spell spirit leech, which is potentially very powerful, if things like chariots and warmachines can be practically autokilled by it (by targeting the chariot/warmachine itself who has a Ld of 0)

Hope you guys can enlighten me :)

02-08-2010, 20:27
Chariot uses Ld of the crew. Cav and Ridden monsters use rider's Ld. Warmachines use crew.

Does the stank have a Ld or even crew though?

02-08-2010, 20:29
The FAQ question you are referring to is:

Q: Can spells that pick out individual models, even if they are in a
unit, choose what is hit when targeting a model with multiple
locations? For example The Fate of Bjuna is cast at an Orc Warboss
on a Wyvern, the caster can choose to target the Warboss or the
Wyvern and it will be resolved against the Toughness of the target.
A: Yes.

Multiple locations in this instance is evidenced by the example given: a character on a monstrous mount. What makes this a model with 'multiple locations'? The fact that two parts of the model have independent wounds. The only reason that you can choose whom to test and wound is that they *have* independent wounds to target. Otherwise they are caught under page 10, Characteristic Tests which states you use the best stat for the model.

In other words, since the Character and the Wyvern can be harmed *independently* of each other, you can therefore target them independently. This allows you to snipe Characters on Monstrous Mounts or Chariots.

This does *not* allow you to choose a Chariot and then pick whichever Strength value you like (say between rider, mount and chariot). The chariot has a single set of wounds, therefore you always use the best stat available (page 10).

Summary - A model with 'multiple locations' is a model with multiple sets of wounds that are independently target-able. 'Multiple locations' does not mean 'multiple stat lines'.

Chariot uses Ld of the crew. Cav and Ridden monsters use rider's Ld. Warmachines use crew.

Does the stank have a Ld or even crew though?

Yes the Steam Tank has an Engineer Commander with LD 10.

02-08-2010, 20:44
I can see the rulebook states that you never use the Ld of the beast for cavalry and chariots (unless a special rules states otherwise in the case of cavalry, but I don't expect that spirit leech constitutes a special rule in that regard), and always the Ld of the crew for war machines, so I guess using spirit leech here is out

Although I guess you could argue that chariots can still be autokilled since it only says you never use the beasts Ld, nothing about never using the chariots Ld, but that would be pretty WAAC.

I can't see where it says you always use the riders Ld for ridden monsters however?