View Full Version : Beastmen Rank Width?

03-08-2010, 13:12
Simple question, what is the best way to run the different Beastmen units? Also is 2 Hand weapons the best load out for Gors, just need to know before I start to build models and movement trays. Thanks.

03-08-2010, 13:32
2 hand weapons are all right for Gors, but 8 point Gors are not nearly as effective as 5 point Ungors in the new edition.

Ungors: Rank them 10 wide and go horde with large units to take advantage of the basic spell. Gors: Rank 5 wide and very deep to take advantage of steadfast.

03-08-2010, 14:23
if you run gors 2 hand weapons are the way to go imo. As they need numbers to work they are a bit overpriced though...

as Memnos said, ungors are better this edition, although I'd say in large blocks, but not a horde. Boosted by the signature beast spell they become decent fighters aswell.

I'm planning on running some smaller (around 18 so not small) gor units as flankers, but I've no idea if they'll do any good....

03-08-2010, 16:26
I'll go with 2 block of 5x5 with FC. I'll also take a horde of Ungors with spears.

AHW is the only way to go imo, you pay points for primal fury. Make it work!

05-08-2010, 03:59
I don't necessarily agree that Ungors are better. Toughness 4 and weaponskill 4 matter. It's the difference between dealing more damage, as well as taking less in return.

I've had mine punch through Saurus warriors because hatred and hitting on 3's meant most of my attacks get through. Ungors unless near the general have less a chance of primal fury going off.

So not saying Ungors are bad, but I think Gors are getting a bit of hate when it's not all bad.

As for weaponry. I use shields on my big blocks for parry. Although it does feel like I'm getting less attacks than I should. I would say play and see what works for you. Sometimes parry will work, sometimes it fails abysmally.

Personally I run my Gor units (And Bestigors will as well) 6 wide unless I have a specific reason to run them 5 wide (i.e I need to save ranks rather than deal damage to have best chance of being steadfast).

08-08-2010, 22:09
So is nobody using ungor raiders anymore? I built 20 of them for the last edition, but I'm now thinking of switching their arms out to spears and shields. They were decent before, but do not seem as good anymore.

09-08-2010, 08:32
From my limited experience with 10 of them... they just don't get anything done. Constantly requiring 6's to hit means they don't really do anything (moving, long range). Given that there aren't even any positive modifiers anymore, I just can't see Ungor Raiders hitting anything (and if they do hit, they probably need at least 4+ to wound, and then make it through armour).

Maybe they'd be alright ambushing, but then you have to take a unit at least as big and deploy normally.

I'm not even sure how people got good effectiveness out of them last edition, except to take min core in Minotaur armies.