View Full Version : 1500 VC for a 2vs2 The Unstable Alliance

03-08-2010, 14:19
Hey folks,

since this is my first thread i want to say that i have been reading this forum for quite some time, but didnt felt the urge to post something since i had to stop playing Warhammer in the middle of the 7th Ed (started with the 4th Ed).

I am now a bit unexperienced so with my first 8th Ed battle coming up i wanted to share my list, hoping for some advice.

On a side note i have to mention that this list is for a 2vs2 with three of my friends and thus we prefere a right mixture of fluff and competativeness rather than hardcore powergaming. My friends will be playing: Empire, Orks & Goblins, and High Elves. Additionally we will not know the team composition until deployment.

But now lats start over with my list:

Vampire Lord - 360pts
-level 2 Wizard (Lore of Death)
-Sword of +2 Attacks
-Crown of the Damned
-Potion of Strength
-Infinite Hatred
-Forbidden Lore (Death)

Vampire Trhall 190pts
-level 1 Wizard (Lore of Vampires)
-Flayed Hauberk
-Sword of +1 Attack
-Master of the Black Arts

Wight King - 125pts
-Battle Standard Bearer
-Sword of Kings

20 Ghouls - 168pts
-Vampire Thrall

25 Skeletons - 208pts
-Vampire Lord

17 Grave Guard - 273pts
-Champion, Standard
-Banner of the Barrows
-Wight King

Varghulf - 175pts

I did the list in army builder, but i posted it while beeing not a home, so some of the point costs might be not 100% accurate. Nevertheless the list should satisfy all 8ed rules.

If you ask yourself why i did gouls, skelettons and graveguards the answer is pretty simple - I wanted to use all my painted models

If you ask yourself why i did not buy zombies or hounds the answer is also pretty simple - because i think they suck hard in 8th Ed.

I will play the battle described above today, and i will post a battle report (hopefully with the usage of this nice battle report tool), with some pictures.

So thats it from my side for now, i hope to recieve some criticism and advice in order to improve my list for the next battle.