View Full Version : 1500/2000 Dark elf defencave list help me please

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20-03-2005, 05:23

Hand weapon, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, Blade of Spite, Enchanted Shield 115

2 X 24 Warriors (with spears), shields, command 265 each

14 Warriors (with repeater crossbows)
Hand weapon, repeater crossbow, light armor, shield, musician 201

7 Shades
Hand weapon, repeater crossbow, Bloodshade (+1 Bs) 110

Cold One Chariot 97

20 Executioners
Draich, light armor, musician, standard bearer, Draich Master 250
Cold One Chariot 97

2 Reaper Bolt Thrower 200

To upgrade to 2000 I was thinking upgrading my noble to a lord with same equipment? and taking ther a scorceress or a BSB, which do you recomend?

another chariot
That leaves me with about 200-250 points to play with, what els do i need?

Inquisitor DreaxIV
20-03-2005, 06:55
You need some Dark Riders to help protect your flanks.

A sorceress is a must in 1500--> games. Give her 2 scrolls otherwise you'll be hard pressed fighting against magic

20-03-2005, 14:03
The noble should have halberd and seal of ghrond as this is more cost efective as he has 3 ws5 s5 attacks which is good enough. Bloodshade is a waste as hes too many points for the+1 bs.

20-03-2005, 14:18
2 X 24 Warriors (with spears), shields, command 265 each
(24 x 8pts) + 25 = 192 + 25 = 217 each. You appear to have miscalculated. Have you seen the Dark Elf Errata? Warriors with no upgrades are 7pts.

14 Warriors (with repeater crossbows)
Hand weapon, repeater crossbow, light armor, shield, musician 201 See above. This unit should be 173 pts.

This will in total free up another 124pts.

Personally, I would drop the bloodshade, and also get a unit of perhaps 8 Dark Riders with Xbows and no command.

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21-03-2005, 02:17
I am aware of the point drpo I was just using an old program on the net that has them listed at 8 points each. so with the points I have saved there I will definatly buy as many dark riders with Xbows as I can

21-03-2005, 05:03
I'm not quite sure why you want to play Dark Elves defensively because, according to my opinion, they really suck at defense (i.e. being attacked rather than attacking).

Defensive armies are the speciality of Dwarves, Empire and maybe Undead armies but Elves with their above average point costs, low Toughness and almost nonexistant armor will let them die in droves to missile fire and (in your case) magic attacks.

But if you want to play them here's my take on this.

Drop the Spearmen to 20 each..arrange them in a 4x5 formation so that you can afford to lose 4 before it affects your max. ranks and CR (you'll also save some points).

Drop the Executioners to 10 or 12 models and field them at least 5 wide. Use them for countercharges in the flanks if he attacks one of your other regiments because they are excellent shock troopers but otherwise useless. Hide them as good as possible from missiles and only draw them put in the open to position them for a counterattack (also freeing up points).

Get at least one lvl. 1 Sorceress with 2 ban scrolls for magic defense and hide her somewhere.

It would be wise to get a Cauldron of Blood and place it in the center of your army..this way you can reroll failed to wound rolls which will benefit you greatly if you don't plan to move outside its range.

I'd also recommend at least 2 units of 6 Dark Riders since they are amongst the most useful unit the DE have..harass him, block his march moves, draw out frenzied troops and generally be a nuisance. Beware however from enemy missile fire because they are quickly shot down by a simple 10 man missile regiment.

So this is my take on your army..however i stress that you are making a mistake. For me it was always better to play offensively, dictate my battle plan to my enemy, outmaneuver him and combine-charge him from at least 2 units.

Mostly it worked and bare in my mind that Dark Elves can quite dish it out but can't take much in return. You have to hit him so hard in the first combat turn that the return won't be so painful.