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03-08-2010, 20:17
For the 8th edition Battle For The Pass (#3)
The bottleneck special rule prohibits anyone but ethereal or flyers from entering from a long table edge.

I think that this should be errata'd to allow models with "underground advance" to arrive from these table edges. First comes to mind are dwarf miners, but after that warp grinder skaven units, and maybe gorgers.

I'm sure there are other units that would make sense to be added to the ethereal or flyers restriction, any thoughts?

03-08-2010, 20:30
completely understand you on this one. i had a pair of gorgers have to come on from back and front cause apparently they cant climb mountain sides to enter... nah in a way i see the idea cause if it was that way that tunnelers came in whether then they have some expensive tools to dig through mountain side rocks... :D

i do see what you mean though, if you find a problem with it though have a talk to your friend or opponent your battling and try to come to an agreement cause at end of the day the scenarios are there to help you be guided into taking them into your own hands.

03-08-2010, 20:57
That's pretty much the reason why it isn't included (yet?)
There are too many units that could do this. Some would be clear, like Dwarf-Miners or Skaven units with a warpgrinder. But if a Gorger could climb it, why not Gutter Runners with Sneaky Infiltrators? Or dryads that grew there? Or a Ogre-Hunter? Or all Skirmishers? Or...

03-08-2010, 21:15
Is there an ethereal unit that can come in from a table edge?

@Cragum: I mention gorgers because I thought they were CHUD ogres that lived in caves and labyrinths and such.