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04-08-2010, 00:14
Hey guys just want some advice on this list

Chaos lord
chaos rune sword
talisman of preservAtion
charmed shield
daemonic mount

level 2

20 wariors
add hand weapn
full command

40 marauders
full command

5 knights
banner ofrage

have 85 points left either hounds or marauder horsemen

04-08-2010, 00:23
Holy overkill batman! I love that Lord, so simple, yet so effective. well done!

I prefer the Blood of Tzeentch over the puppet myself, I've found that, with the miscasts simplified and in bigger clumps, theres less use for the puppet, but the Blood can essentially stop yourself from going out of control by re-rolling a 6, or can add that extra few points to successfully cast a spell you might of barely failed to cast (nothing worse than having your only mage just fail a casting roll on his 1st spell! lol)

Also, is your force designed to be slaanesh? I know its very efficient points-wise and I actually don't mind the spell-list, but I think some of the other marks might be preferrable, for example your Knights are frenzied and never loose that frenzy, so they're already Immune to the pshchology that slaanesh would protect them from...

04-08-2010, 00:42
Holy overkill batman! I love that Lord, so simple, yet so effective. well done!

It's my lord but Tzeentch instead of Khorne :D

Interesting list... Let us know how Slaanesh magic fairs if you stick with it... Personally I'd love to run a Sorc on Steed of Slaanesh, run into the middle of the enemy army, and drop the 18" Panic! spell :evilgrin:

04-08-2010, 02:28
It's mainly cozmy army is painted or getiing psinted purple lord isn't mok because he joins nights

yeah just need to decide on maruader horsemen or hounds

04-08-2010, 10:44
Sorry to double post but options are

2x 7 hounds
7 hounds 1 extra knight
5 marauder horsemen MoS throwing axes

04-08-2010, 14:41
If your lord is with your knights then I don't think you need 1 more knight, 6 wide is good enough IMO. Also, I haven't been convinced that throwing axes are good, possibly flails for war-machine hunting but if you are going axes or nothing I'd say 2 units of hounds.