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03-03-2006, 10:02
Hello, here is an army list i have thought por tournaments, it is heavy in shots and magic, and has 2 strong counterattack units.
I am writing without the book in front so some names can be changed

Battle Wizard (lvl 2) --- 120
"Ring of Fire" (1d6 F3 shots)

Battle Wizard (lvl 2) --- 120
"Van hortsman glass" (change attributes in duels)

Battle Wizard (lvl 2) --- 95

Great Swordmen (20) --- 320
Full command
"Standard of the griffin" (double ranks, cannot persecute)
Detachment of Milicia (9) --- 45

Knights of the Golden Dawn (10) --- 325
Full command, Inner circle
"Standard of war" (+1 Combar Resolutions)

Handgunners (10) --- 100
Official, Multiple shots (3) rifle

Handgunners (10) --- 100
Official, Multiple shots (3) rifle

Huntsmen (10) --- 100

Great Cannon --- 100

Mortar --- 75

POINTS ................................ 1.500

Well, some ideas for the army:

- I think it is heavy in magic (8 dice in my phase and 5 for dispell) so i havenīt included dispell scrolls. I usually takes the magic of fire (or heaven if the enemy has tons of knights) to reinforce the damage i can do with my shoots and war machines.
- The tactic is as you can guess this: i will wait for my opponent, making casualties with shots and magic and then counter attack with my 2 heavy units. (At that moment i think the enemy will not have all the bonus for ranks and i will have superiority of models in those combats).
- The handgunners units are great against fast cavalry, the S4 and -2 Sv is too much for them (at range i do 9 BS3 shots and 3 BS4 shots. (3-4 casualties).
- The Leadership ... Well this is the real problem, but i think i can live with it. My 2 heavy units have ld 8 (maximum for a 1500 Imperial army list) and my great swordmen are stubborn. Milicia ... well they are detachment so ... they have 8 too (ld of the greatswordmen). My two handgunners units and the war machines have ld7 and there is nothing i can do to put it better, but they are far from danger and donīt get involved in combats or ld tests very often.
- I know the huntsmen are expensive but i think they are great for me. They reinforce my shooting phase and they can stop enemy units to march (giving me more time to shoot and magic).

I want to knowk what do you think about the army and how could i make it better.

Thanks, JISU.

09-03-2006, 16:01
Any ideas ?

09-03-2006, 18:52
First off you only need 2 wizards, give on the ring and a powerstone, and give the other wizard 2dispel scrolls. Take a commander, give him the white cloak, plate armor, lance(or great weapon), shield, barded steed. take the knights down to 9 and stich the commander in there. other than that pretty good, however I would drop the huntsmen and take the greatswords down to 15 and give the greatsword unit some detachments, say handgunners and halberdiers. and with the remaining points if any, go back to your commander, since he has another 20points to spare, hand him the helm of the skaven slayer or toss out his shild and give him the enchanted shield 0+ armor save and a 5+ ward save...not to shabby!