View Full Version : Skaven Weapon Teams Question

Screaming Manti
04-08-2010, 22:29
Okay this is something that someone brought up while i was calculating VP's at the end of a game. Do weapons teams count towards the unit you bought them for, for VP purposes? What i mean by this is say a clanrat unit died but the attached weapon team survived does your oppenent get VP for the the clanrat unit? If the attached weapon team does count towards the unit that would mean they would have to kill both the clanrats and the weapon team to get the VP's from them.

Personally I'm not sure it counts towards the unit and i have never used it that way but it was intresting none the less, whats people's thoughts on this?

Edit: Ok i just had a read through my skaven my skaven book and i seem to have answered myself. it says in the rules for the weapon teams " After this the Weapon team is free to move and counts as a normal unit for all purposes ( victory points etc...)"