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04-08-2010, 23:51
Hey there!

So whats the most epic Slaughter and mayhem you have brought upon your enemies in the new edition? Today i played The Watchtower, 4 players me playing O&G with Skavens as sidekick. We had quite a task ahead of us shifting a unit of 30 Hammerers with General on stone out of that house. But do you know what helps? A unit of 18 Savage orc Bigun Boarboyz with bsb and blorc warboss in it fuelled by deathfrenzy and result number 17 on the big skaven bell!

This resulted in a horrible ammount of attacks with rerolls to hit and wound thus slaying every model in the house without loosing any model back. This also without any chargebonus like spears or tuskcharge!

We all laughed like hell when we rolled the result on the bell and trying to imagine how it would look like when allready frenzied savage boarboys just burst trough a house, blood spraying like a fountain trough every gap and window LOL!

Have you had any insane match-ups in multigames and the new edition too? Please share with us!

Screaming Manti
05-08-2010, 01:25
I wish i could roll a 17 for my bell!

I was playing a quick fun 1200 pts game agianst a goblin player and i decieded to try out queek and his retinue. We had one peice of terrain which we rolled for and it was the accroplis of heroes which gives +1 to hit in combat if the unit is withing 6" of it.

So i had one horde uint of 60 of queeks upgraded stormvermin with a BSB and obviously. For some reason early on he decided to charge 10 spider riders into my horde unit. with the large amount of attacks i got and the fact i was next to the terrain piece it was 2's to hit and 2's to wound. i caused 29 wounds on those spider riders and they quickly vanished into mush!

There was nothing in his army that could deal with this unit and as a last move he charged his 2 trolls. because i was still next to the terrain piece i managed to cause 17 wounds wiping them easily out.

Although it was a super expensive unit it was fun to try it and i might give it ago in a proper game! It wouldve been cool if i had a warlock that casted death frenzy on them just for added crazyiness.

05-08-2010, 01:44
Tried out 18 Chaos knights with MON and Banner of Rage, with a MOK Lord on jugger with Bloodbath sword.

Hellishly expensive but had flaming sword of rhuin cast on them and they completely wiped out my friends big'uns horde, which was 40 strong in the first round of combat. not just beat , but kill the boyz, and BLORC Warboss and a BSB to a man in one turn obviously not taking a single casualty.

ANy unit that can kill 40 orcs in a turn deserves respect in my book.

05-08-2010, 02:27
I think the watchtower scenario says no unit bigger than 20 can enter the watchtower, which is why I don't like it since they want you to use big units in 8th but if you have a unit of 20 with a character they cant go in until they get shot first.

Screaming Manti
05-08-2010, 03:23
The watchtower scenario says that when you get to deploy a unit in the watchtower it can only be 20 strong but after that it works under the normal building rules. They state that only one unit of any size along with accompanying characters can be garrisoned in a building.

05-08-2010, 07:40
....hmmm...i thought that in the case of buildings, both sides pick 10 models each to fight in the ensuing combat....since there is not enough space and all...and only casualties matter in combat resolution...so, i don't think it was possible to kill all the dwarves in the tower in one turn.

05-08-2010, 07:48
Hehe, good old slaugtherstories :) I want to try out a big unit of Chaos knights like that too!

We got the house first and placed 20 slaves in it with slings, for fun. But the dwarfs took the house quite easily. And yes any size of unit can grab a house.. its insane if you think about it. I Would not want to try take a house with 50 Ironbreakers in it or something.

Yes it was only 10 models that fought, one warboss and one bsb plus the piguns with the pigs. As we read it they got bonus attacks and reroll to hit and wound too from the bell. one pigun had alone 4 attacks from the bonus of the bell and deth frenzy. Boars got two attacks each on behalf of the bell. Warboss had Shagass Screaming Sword so he got bonus attacks and strength from characters within 12". And the hammerrers only had heavy armor. So many S4 attacks and warboss made sure they died in droves hehe