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05-08-2010, 03:26
I had this idea for a cool high elf army. All (or most) of the models will be based on the Dark Elf Corsair Models. Trim down some of the spikes on the helmets and give them spears and shields or bows or great weapons. Fluffwise they would be high elves that have taken to fighting in Lustria and would have taken the skins of thier eneimes as trophies.

The ones with axes would be White Lions. The ones with spears and shields would be Spearmen and the ones with bows would be Archers. Convert some charachters and some Bolt Thrower crew aand thatd be the core of the army.

The paint job would be brightly colored armour like starting with Boltgun Metal and highlighting with layers of Chainmail. Then the cloaks would be painted with a dark blue working up to lighter highlights like a lizardman skin. Any cloth would be a bright vibrant green.

So what are your thoughts on this idea? Stupid? How to make it work better?

05-08-2010, 07:29
Sounds like it could look pretty sweet. Not sure there is any real basis from a fluff perspective but dont let that hold you back. Nice to see an army themed in looks rather than just trying to write the most broken list possible. Maybe do Dragon Princes mounted on Cold ones?

05-08-2010, 14:12
Cool idea. I had a similar one, however mine was based off Sea Faring High Elves who kill wurms/sea dragons and take their skin. I am going for a more smokey, black colour scheme with red and yellow trim. I am also only doing heroes and white lions with the cloaks though.

I have so far made 3 for a mordheim warband. Quick FYI incase you are unaware, the corsair cloaks are part of the back of the DE models and join with the chest plate. They are a massive pain to file down and use as just a cloak. I think the easier option is to use the whole torso and then place them on other HE legs (like the new sea guard coming out).

05-08-2010, 17:54
I think if I were to do it I'd simply use the whole corsair models with the cloaks and all and just file down the spikes and paint them more brightly then normal Corsairs. I dont know if the Cold Ones really make sense from a fluff perspective. But it might be cool to try.