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05-08-2010, 08:28
Hey guys, thanks for coming in to help. I just saw the large price difference between buying locally and maelstrom games (already another thread about this though), so I've decided to continue my chaos army and expand it to a size that I can hopefully take it to the local club and perhaps some of the events they host.

I brought these models a while ago (still the latest models though so no problems there with fitting them in with new purchases) and I am having a lot of trouble deciding what to get now...

I have:

7 chaos knights, full command

7 chaos knights, full command

12 chaos warriors, additional hand weapons and sheilds, full command, mark of khrone

20 maruders, sheilds, light amour, full command, mark of tzzentch

10 warhounds

1 exalted hero on steed with sheild and sword

1 sorcceror on steed

This comes to 1411 points before magic banners, magic items or marks for the knights/heros.

So far I am keen on more maruders and warriors, although I dont know what weapon choices or unit sizes. Help with this would be great!

Perhaps a unit of 30 maruders with great weapons and another unit of chaos warriors at 18 with halberds? I'm not sure about expanding my current unit of 12 chaos warriors to 18 though - since they are using additional handweapons it seems like they benefit little from going up to 18 as the front rank is of far more importance then the second.

The sorcceror on steed seems like it might be a lost cause, no lookout sir right? Also I'll need a BSB - but I might have to convert that.

In the end, I'm hoping to bring my chaos force up to around 4000 points (including characters, hopefully 2500-3000 before characters) so even though I've got some idea on the next few choices (some variation of maruders or chaos warriors, or both) there is still much more to decide that I am uncertian about.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any help!

05-08-2010, 08:53
Hey :) being a woc player myself i Can hopefully be of some assistance.

Definately get more marauders, personally i run mine 7x7 with greatweapons and mark of khorne. Ny warrior units are normally 20 with halberds. In 8th edition thats The minimum size for me, since step up and more great weapons mean they can't avoid feeling The hurt.

You should look into getting a hellcannon as they are great for dictating The deployment and do Great damage.

Can't comment on the sorcerer, since i only run 1 sorcerer Lord on disc (book of ashur, Golden eye, charmed shield, third eye, conjoined hamonculi).

I didn't really find a use for more than one sorcerer.

Trolls are also worth getting as long as you don't face flamers. Mutant regen Makes them hard to kill and risky to shoot, I use 6-8.

With my knights I have great success with running a 11 + hero chaos knight unit (magic resistance 3 thing on hero, blasted standard and mark of tzeentch). This Unit is very har to get down in size before it hit you in the face, just avoid hammerers and other nasty greatweapon users..

Get some marauder horsemen. Small units (6-12)with vanguard are still good for hunting warmachines, throwing Spears and flails seem to be the way to go.

Hope this helps a bit.