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05-08-2010, 13:03
Hi all

I have been a red marine player (blood angels then flesh tearers) for well over a decade, and when codex space marines was released I looked at the legion of the damned and loved that they had been reintroduced. I have always loved their idea. Now I am not complaining about the lack of units in my shiny new blood angels codex as I think we have been well and truly treated as it is. I was hoping for a legion of the damned snippet just as an excuse to use the fantastic models in my army. After codex: space wolves I held out little hope and alas they were not there. I was wondering, if I was to play you, would you object to me substituting them for Sternguard models, as I cannot think of any circumstance where my flesh tearers would have sternguard, lorewise.

Just to make this clear I am not using their rules, I am using sternguard rules.

Born Again
05-08-2010, 13:09
Are Sternguard in the BA codex?
Do you tell me "These Legion of the Damned are Sternguard?"
Are there no Sternguard models in your army to cause confusion?
Then I can't see how it would be a problem.

05-08-2010, 13:12
I would be mention that they would be representing sternguard, and yes, sternguard are in the blood angels codex. As I said in my original post, I cant see how I could fit sternguard into a flesh tearers army, it just doesnt suit their style, frothing madmen most of the time :) Some players have been known to cry blood when seeing something which represents another thing. I just wondered how general feedback for using them would go.

The Marshel
05-08-2010, 13:15
tbh i can't really see myself overly minding you using them as legion of the damned anyway. though if you'd be kind enough to omit an reduced deep strike or other blood angles rules that may affect them. played as they are straight from the vannila dex i see no reason for them to be over bearing in a blood angles army

05-08-2010, 13:23
My answer is the same in all of these type of questions

If people moan about it they aren't worth playing in a friendly game

Lord Damocles
05-08-2010, 13:40
As long as they're still WYSIWYG, I'd have absoluely no problems with it.

I've never thought that Sternguard really fitted the Blood Angels (or Vanilla) list anyway.

05-08-2010, 13:44
Blood angels I can understand, as the first company represents a symbol of hope to the rest of the chapter, and it seems that a unit of the chapters finest fighting with cool precision as an exemplar to their hot headed bretheren fits well. It falls down for me with the flesh tearers, as even seth finds it hard to contain himself, I cant imagine many others being that way. Also, with them being critically understrength and on the edge, it seems a cool way lorewise to fit the legion of the damned in.