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05-08-2010, 12:50
A friend is just getting started on his wood elves, and with the start of 8th I figured making my goblin army would be a good idea. So many goblins stuck in a box...

Despite being 3-4 points a model, it is surprising how easily you can go over the points limit. I had no idea the models I own can go past the 2k limit without even the heavy hitters or artillery.. :-s

I've tried to a balanced, but there's so much I want in the list it is very hard to get it all in at 1k.. and I haven't managed it!

I own tonnes, and have some money to get some new stuff so please suggest anything!

Goblin Big Boss, great weapon, Nibbla's itty Ring

Goblin Big boss, BSB, spider (poison) Banner

Both go inside of:

47 Night Goblins
Spears, nets, Full command
243 points

30 Night goblins
Bows, Full command
2 Fanatics

30 Night goblins
Bows, Full command
2 Fanatics

10 'Night Goblin' Spider Riders
spears, shields, bows, champion and musician

3 Trolls

1000points exactly unless I messed up...

Idea is the spears and troll in the centre, the bows flanking them, and the spiders on a flank. I'll probably get shot to bits and never get a charge off though... :(

Maybe some artillery? Although I expect they'll be shot by flanking elite bowmen... Maybe some squigs? Maybe another unit of spears instead of one of the bow units?

What do you think?

Thanks for the help!


05-08-2010, 12:56
well, squig herds are always useful (hoppers less so in 8th now, but they`re still nice for cool factor) due to the high strength attacks.

Id certainly consider getting a rock lobber and or doom diver, anything you can do to kill the enemy before your gobbos actually have to get anywhere near them is always good :)

Not sure where ya`d get the points probably drop a big boss, but waagh magic is very good, try and get a lvl2 shaman in there.

Other than that, all i can say is Wolf Chariots....these are fast, cheap (for a chariot anyways) and really useful for actually getting some kills while your units provide a rank bonus.
personally at 1000 pts, id prefer either some squigs or the chariots to trolls as 3 will just get shot.

hope that helps

07-08-2010, 18:12
Thanks for the help!

As I don't have any squigs atm I thought I'd stick with what I have until I can scratch build/buy some! Shaman is now in, I found points by removing spears...

How's this?

L3 goblin shaman, nibla's itty ring

Big boss BSB w/+1 ld banner

48 NGs w/hand weapon & Shield, FC, nets

50 NGs w/hand weapon & Shield, FC, nets

40 NG bowmen, nets, FC

2x Spear chuckas

Doom diver

1 randomly placed fanatic, probably in the bowmen.

09-08-2010, 11:17
i would get a war machine in to get them before combat as goblins are pretty weak.

09-08-2010, 11:25
War machine? As in chariot or pump wagon?

immortal git
09-08-2010, 11:31
anything really, ide put the poison banner in the horde formation bowmen, that will help them along, and bolt throwers! a goblin list without bolt throwers? huh?

09-08-2010, 11:37

Thanks for the help, but there is an updated version (reply3) which does include bolt throwers ;)

09-08-2010, 11:49
Bolt throwers, stone throwers, doom divers. All are great fun, and will give you some heavy duty (and cheap) firepower. In 2k, you can squeeze in 6 bolt throwers (420pts), 3 rock lobbas (210) and 2 Doom divers (160). Thats 11 Warmachines. And 22 in 3k+. Added to all the bows and magic missiles you have, tahts alot of firepower

09-08-2010, 13:05
Yes thats a lot of fire power, but is it fun?
I'm not saying you should play with no warmachines at all, but to me it's funnier to use a little bit more variation.

Now to comment the latest list. I think you should keep the spider banner and keep the bsb with your bowmen, it's not bad at all actually :) Otherwise it looks solid and fun to play with and against.