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05-08-2010, 14:44

*Saurus oldblood
-Ogre Blade
-Armour of fortune
-Dawn Stone
Total: 251pts

*Skink Priest
-Plaque of Tepok
-Ironcurse(had 5 pts left)
Total: 120pts

*Saurus Warriors
23 Warriors
-Full Command
Total: 283pts

*Skink Skirmishers
10 Skinks
Total: 70pts

*Skink Skirmishers
10 Skinks
-Javelins & shields
Total: 80pts

Total: 235pt

Cold One Riders
7 Cold Ones
-Musician & Banner
-Razor Standard
Total: 320pts

Salamander Hunting Packs
3 packs
-3 extra handlers
Total: 240prs

Grand Total: 1599pts

Lords: 251 Heroes: 120 Core: 433 Special: 555 Rare: 240

1. The lord goes in the saurus unit. He dishes out 5 str 7 attacks. hes got a 1+ save with reroll and a 5+ ward save. Good luck killing him.

2. The skink has 3 spells. thats enough for some decent magic. Also good to deal with war machines.

3. Saurus warriors are my anvil. the skinks hunt war machines. kill low armour units. guard flanks. whatever i need them for.

4. Steg and cav are my hard hitters. They will pound the weak spot in the enemy line. Ill try to keep them together. there is not much that can stop them as a duo.

5. Slamanders are the mob control. any hoard units 10 wide? burn em. They will taget the largest units.