View Full Version : 2400 Dark elves with league restrictions

05-08-2010, 18:38
so I will be entering a league at my local store in the next few weeks and need to make a list with the following restrictions...

300 max lord
300 max heroes
100 points max items of any type (gifts of khaine included)
600 max special (no duplicate units)
300 max rare (no duplicate units including duel bolt throwers)

so here's what i was thinking...

Supreme sorceress: level 4 (shadow) with pendant of khaeleth- 295

death hag: bsb with cauldron- 225

assassin: extra weapon with touch of death- 126

50 spearmen: full command and shields- 365

25 spearmen: full command and shields- 190

12 crossbowmen: with shields- 132

10 crossbowmen: with shields- 110

6 dark riders: with crossbows- 132

6 harpies- 66

28 witch elves: full command and banner of murder- 330

8 shades: extra weapons and champion- 154

hydra- 175

reaper bolt thrower- 100

I am curious as to whether I should swap the smaller unit of spears for corsairs instead. Are corsairs worth taking in this edition?