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05-08-2010, 17:49
Prologue: a fond remembrance.

“It must have been years now,” the commissioner said, the dim light of the med bays glinting on the periphery of his vision. He was unsure of where he was or to whom he was talking; the obvious was that the figure lurking in the murky depths of his vision was Astartes, he knew was he had been asked a question by a superior officer and he had every intention of answering.
“They were the proudest, most inspiring that their legion had put forth in a long time. They had a love of the imperium few could match and every planet they touched was blessed. I had the privilege of being assigned to them on many occasions and as I began to rise through the ranks rather quickly I often wondered of their opinion of me.” Commissioner Angelus smiled dimly, the memory of his past glories returning to him, but he grew sombre again, tears welling up in his eyes.
To many the sight of a commissioner of such standing, crying would have either unnerved or disgusting them. But the Astartes leaned forward his face was a mask of adoration and pity; “commissioner please.” Angelus raised a hand; “you have asked now at least let me say my peace before I pass.” His words were forceful yet desperate, the Astartes sat back.
“I was there that fateful day also.” He stated fighting back tears. “To see them like that, it broke many of us in ways we can’t describe. I was little more than a footslog, or as we knew it cannonfodder, nothing more or nothing less. But as we made planet fall....... to see….to see what had been done, it was horrifying.”
Angelus shifted “We had to fight our way there of course, and it was one of the bloodiest conflicts of my career. The Archenemy came at us with wild abandon, we had know idea who they were or where they came from, but they fought with a bloodlust like no other. Once we tore our way to the loyalist hold point, a sight met my eyes that made my spine shiver. Mourning Astartes. Understand me friend I mean no offence but your kind are not known for their emotional displays. But the sight of these crimson giants, ruined and decimated, hope faded from their lives.”
He shivered at the thought “It was terrifying.” The Astartes leaned forward again suddenly interested; “What chapter was this my friend?” Angelus met the Astartes eye to eye and said with all the respect he could muster; “The Archangels, one of the noblest, and haunted chapters to ever have been created.” The marine looked down a confused look upon his face “I’m afraid I have never heard of them. What was their sire?” Angelus sat up; “The Blood Angels chapter. But that is besides the point.” The old man frowned and said “Where was I…ahhh yes. We had little time to be brought up to speed on the days events all we knew was that the Archangels chapter was newly founded, so newly in fact that today was their parade march.” The space marine moved into a better position. The old commissioner smiled; “Ah yes make your self comfortable, this story is one that needs to be told properly.”