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03-03-2006, 14:04
I played my first warband game (500 pts) against a friend of mine yesterday. We're both new to WHFB, though I played a few more games than him and I've been studying the rules extensively over the past few months. Anyway, two questions that I have yet to find definitive answers for (like I said, I've been through the rules, as well as the FAQs and these forums) are: 1, can a broken unit flee through an enemy unit and can a victorius unit pursue a broken enemy even if it doesn't have line of sight to it? Here's the set up my friend and I ran into:

He was playing Orcs and Gobs, I was playing Chaos. During his turn, his unit of orcs, which had been in combat with a unit of my marauders, managed to break them. They fled. He persued. My marauders got away, but his persuit carried him into the flank of my chaos warriors. His turn ended, mine began. I charged the rear of his orcs with my marauder horsemen, so basically we had combat set up like this: my marauder horsemen in the rear of his orcs, his orcs in the flank of my warriors. We fought the combat, and I won. He took a break test and failed. My warriors were unit strength 11 and my horsemen were unit strength 10, so in accordance to the rules he fled directly away from the warriors, which took him through my horsemen, and that's how we played it. Now his orcs are behind my marauders and at a 90 degree angle from my warriors (outside of their 45 degree angle line of sight).

So now my questions come into play--were we right to have his orcs flee through my horsmen and end up behind them? (and, hypothetically speaking, what if their flee move had left them "in" or "on top of" my horsemen instead of beyond them?) And were both my units (warriors, followed by horsmen--warrior unit had higher unit strength) allowed to pursue?

The way we ended up playing it was that my warriors were allowed to pursue (they failed to catch the orcs) but the horsemen, because they had their backs to the orcs were not allowed to pursue. Again, after reading through the rules, there is no clear wording or example about persuit and line of sight or fleeing through enemy units (whether they were involved in the combat or not).

One final note: the orcs were my friend's last unit on the table, and even though my warriors failed to catch them, it was very likely that my horsemen would have caught them (rolling 3 dice and all), thus I would have taken the game right there. As we played it, the Orcs rallied the next turn and after another round of charging and combat, manged to kill off 3 of my horsmen and break my warriors, giving my friend the game by 100+ points . . .

Thanks in advance to all who share their wisdom . . .

03-03-2006, 15:01
You can't actually flee through an enemy unit. You'll have to go around it, but as much as possible directly away from the enemy unit with the highest unit strenght.
Also, all units in combat can persue a fleeing enemy (unless they have special rules disallowing it). There's no need to check for line of sight as the persuit actually starts as soon as the loser turns tail and runs.

This article (http://uk.games-workshop.com/chronicles/commentary-fleeing/1/) might help to explain it better.

03-03-2006, 15:03
Firstly, LOS is completely irrelevant with regard to pursuit/overrun. Only charges.

Fleeing Q&A from the GWUK site. (http://uk.games-workshop.com/chronicles/commentary-fleeing/1/)
Combat breakdowns are alway a bit strange when multiple units are involved, and the pursuit rules are a little bit vague in places, but essentially what happens is this...
(The following example uses a few abstract terms that are not contained in the rule book - they are simply to make it easier for me to explain).

The Orcs fail their breaktest, and the warriors and horsemen both declare whether or not they will pursue or restrain (remember that Ld tests must be taken to restrain). We'll assume both units will atempt to pursue.

Once that's been sorted, you then begin the Orc's flee.
The first bit you had perfectly - the Orcs will flee from the enemy unit with the highest unit strength, in this case the warriors. The flee route is the one that moves directly away from the enemy unit (in maths terms, it's perpendicular to the line of contact between the two units). This is the direct flee route, and the one the Orcs must stick to as far as possible (as detailed in the Q&A).
The Orcs & Warriors roll 2D6, the horsemen 3D6. If either or both of the Chaos rolls equal or beat the Orcs, simply remove them and move the chaos units their rolled distance along the direct flee route, measured from the Orc unit's starting position.
If neither of the rolls equal or beat the Orc's roll, then they have survived. Re-align the Orcs their rolled distance as directly away from the Chaos Warriors as possible.
The Warriors and Horsemen are then arranged the difference behind the Orc unit (as per the last example in the Q&A).
Eg. If the Orcs rolled 12, the Horsemen rolled 10 and the Warriors rolled 5, the Horsemen would be positioned 2 inches behind the Orc unit, and the Warriors would be 7 inches behind them.

Hope that helps?

So yes, the marauders could have chased the orcs.

03-03-2006, 15:17
Thanks guys--the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I should be able to pursue with both units. Nice to have it confirmed. Again, my thanks. Thanks also for the link to the Thorpe article--wasn't aware of that nice little resource, will be checking it regularly from now on.

03-03-2006, 16:35

You can't actually flee through an enemy unit. You'll have to go around it, but as much as possible directly away from the enemy unit with the highest unit strenght.
As the article on fleeing tells us, you might end up fleeing right through enemy units.

But you have to be pretty much surrounded to do so.


Crazy Harborc
03-03-2006, 18:40
Everyone should check out the article/link provided by SuperBeast.

Fleeing thru a friendly unit should also be a last resort, NOT a first choice.

03-03-2006, 23:24
Hey, I linked it first! :mad: ;)