View Full Version : 3000 points High Elves (no shooting)

05-08-2010, 20:39
This is my attempt at a competative 3000 point High Elf list.

1 Teclis (Light)

1 Army Standard Bearer with Great Weapon, Armor of Caledor, Ironcurse Icon and Luckstone

1 Mage (Shadow) with Silver Wand

2 x 35 Spearmen with Command

38 Spearmen (first amongst equals, with BSB)
Command, Banner of Arcane Protection

24 Phoenix Guard (and Teclis) with Full Command, Obsedian Trinket, Razor Standard

3 x 6 Dragon Princes

4 Great Eagles

The Spear-Elves would be the 'core' of the army. An anvil I hopefully can rely on. The Phoenix Guard are there to reinforce that anvil. Add Teclis, a mage and the ASB and this anvil should be ok. To do the actual hammering I hope the Dragon Princes will do their nasty work. They would be operating on the flanks only. Head to heady they might kill enemy cavalry and small units, but that would be about it.

The idea of the Great Eagles would be to occupy the opponent, mainly the warmachines. They are also capable of taking down fast cavalry, possibly rerouting frenzies, taking out lone wizards and perhaps even marchblock (at failed Ld). Very flexible and not too expensive.

The main thing I'm not sure about is whether to use Swordmasters instead of Phoenix Guard. The Phoenix Guard should survive a lot longer with their wardsave, and with the Razor Standard they should be pretty killy. But still.. not as killy as Swordmasters.

06-08-2010, 00:07
Sword Masters are really about offense, while PG are a good defensive unit. Personally I would probably take min core in order to get a unit of SM's or WL's on the board without sacrificing the PG.

Anyways in this army you've got light and shadow magic, not to mention over 100 spearmen, the PG's might be overkill on defense so take the SM's if you think you can keep them buffed/in combat with your magic phase as they'll end up being the more effective unit if you use them right.